Apr 27th, 2011

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Are You An Animal Lover? Then Certified Cruelty Free Skin Care Products Are Important To You

Do you have furry friends?  Loved ones that walk on four legs instead of two?  Maybe your one of us that are just “drawn” to those that walk within the animal world.  The bottom line is, if you love animals then you need to know how important certified cruelty free skin care products are.

Many personal care product companies still test on animals, or, use products in their own formulations that are tested on animals.  I don’t enjoy sharing those graphic pictures of what happens during these “tests”, but, suffice it to say, its horrific.  Horrific enough that it should never even be done.

As an experienced  and Licensed Aesthetician and MAJOR animal lover, animal testing  and cruelty was always, and continues to be, a huge issue for me.  In fact, when I went to work developing the formulations for Sevani, I made sure that every single skin care product we formulated was certified cruelty free.

For me, this is a way to offer an alternative to people that want to support the rights of the four legged creatures of this world yet still use skin care products that are effective.  I want to make it easy for others to spend their money where their mouth is so to speak and support companies, like Sevani, that refuse to test on animals or use products that do.

We don’t just create cruelty skin care products though; we do animal rescue as well, and support other companies like us too!

In addition, we help our furry friends by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Sevani to various animal welfare organizations both local and national.   We’re also a Leaping Bunny “Certified Cruelty Free Company”.

So, look for the leaping bunny logo and only buy Certified Cruelty Free skin care products.  Say no to animal testing, and don’t support these companies with your hard earned dollars.  Then, they’ll be forced to listen and Stop Testing on Animals.

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