May 22nd, 2011

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Adopt A Shelter Animal Today And Find A New And Very Special Furrriend

animal shelter dogI have always had a special connection to animals of all kinds.  Since I can remember I’ve wanted to love and care for animals.   I’ve got a lot of sensitivities (chemical, sensory, etc) and although they can be challenging at times, these are what’s led me to where I am today.

These sensitivities are also what has led me to my desire to rescue shelter animals as well as support those shelter animals I can’t house, along with the humans that work to help them, in any way I can.

I encourage you to do the same!

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, and feel like you have the time, money, and patience needed to love and care for a pet, then visit your local shelter and adopt one of the beautiful animals stuck there.

natural skin care kittyAfter all, its not their fault they’re at the shelter.

Plus, in most cases, those expensive pure breeds already have loving homes; and if not, you’re using your money to support “puppy mills” or another shady type of animal operation!

Instead, visit your local animal shelter and give one of those animals a home.  If you’re really set on a particular breed, you can always use a site like or other local websites and find a rescued animal that fits your needs simply by sitting at your desk and clicking buttons!

I’ve honestly had nothing but amazing experiences with all my shelter animals.  They’re just wonderful!  I have several rescues right now and have given a home, love, and care to many more.  I can’t recommend the shelter animal adoption process more.  It’s rewarding, and, best of all, you get a very special new furry friend out of the deal!!

Visit your local animal shelter today and give an animal a furrever home if you can.  If not, then please, make a donation.  Of course, they always need money, but shelters can often be in need of things like old sheets and towels, chew toys, dog food, etc.  Many shelters also need volunteers to help walk dogs or go into the “cat rooms” and spend time with the feline members of the shelter just petting them and playing with them.

Help these dear animals out and support your local animal shelter; you’ll only get love in return!





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