Jun 6th, 2011

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Willow Bark does Wonders for Acne, Wrinkles and Rosacea

There was a time when most cosmetics and beauty products that you can find are all full of chemicals and other synthetic ingredients.  Fortunately, today’s health and beauty industry is seeing the importance of natural and organic skin care.  Quality beauty products you will see today now contain natural and organic sourced ingredients. Today we will share some benefits of one of our specialists favorite organic skin care ingredients; willow bark.

Willow bark comes from either the black or white willow bark tree, and offers both health and beauty benefits. Willow bark is used in Natural Skin Care formulas due to it’s natural content of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid products remove old and dead skin cells from your face and body and helps make way for new and fresh skin cells. As you know, dead skin cells can make your face look dull and haggard. As we age, we need to dissolve skin cells more often.  By using products with willow bark extract, you can make your skin youthful and radiant again.

Willow bark also offers anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve swelling and sensitivity.  This makes willow bark ideal for conditions of rosacea as well as sensitive blemishes, cystic acne and even aging skin.   Inflammation can lead to premature aging, so it is essential to minimize inflammation of the skin.  Willowbark can also minimize age spots and discoloration due to it’s mild exfoliating properties.  Internally, if you use aspirin for pain but find it upsets your stomach, perhaps consider willow bark extract for a more gentle solution.

The next time you shop for a skin care product, try to look for one that contains natural ingredients such willow bark. For instance the Sevani Advanced Complexion Corrector contains willow bark, chamomile, vitamins and licorice root among many other natural ingredients. The product not only helps you prevent dull skin, redness and blemishes but can also help you avoid signs of aging as well. To experience willowbark benefits along with the benefits of algae, essential fatty acids and more, you may also incorporate the Ageless Radiance Refining AHA cleanser and Rapid Renewal AHA-BHA face cream into your daily skin care regimen.  These products are formulated free of chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients and developed by a skin specialist.  While there are numerous products on the market with willowbark, few have the complimentary ingredients needed to create an advanced clinical skin care product that is truly effective.

To learn more about chemical-free skin care products and organic cosmetics, click here.

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