Jun 24th, 2011

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Free Consults with a Leading Skin Specialist!

free skin care consults purple textIt’s one of my many goals in this life to help others have beautiful, healthy skin naturally.

As I’ve broadened my skin care services to the online world I’ve looked for ways to do that and, I think, that offering Free consults would be a great way to help folks learn more about their skin and, how to care for it without using harsh, chemical filled “beauty” products.

I know learning about ingredients can be difficult; particularly so with personal care products (like skin care) since there are no national requirements for labeling as them with words like “natural” or “organic” as there is for say, food for example.

While this is why I went ahead and took the leap to create Sevani, my line of natural, vegan, certified cruelty free skin care products, in the first place, it’s also another impetus behind offering some time of mine to others for free.

As I worked to develop Sevani, and as I continued my career path as a Licensed Aesthetician for the last 20 + years, I’ve learned a LOT about product ingredients, their side effects, as well as their natural counterparts (who many chemical ingredients are made to mimic in the first place), and, of course, so much more.

Please contact me at info@theskinspecialist.com to schedule via phone or skype and I’ll be happy to provide a free 20 minute skin consult to those interested!  No obligation whatsoever, it’s my passion and when you share it always comes back in good ways!

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