Oct 25th, 2011

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Custom Blended Beauty: Natural Skin Care Crafted For You by a Skin Specialist!

At Sevani we know how important it is to pamper your skin and personalize your daily skin care regimen.


That is why we are now offering Custom Blended Skin Care!  Many factors influence how our skin ages including environmental factors, travel, climate shifts, intrinsic aging and much more.  Therefore it is essential that we balance our skin just right to prevent accelerated aging and various challenging skin conditions.


Sevani custom blends may be added directly to your cream, serum, other base, or even used alone depending on your particular needs.


These specialty blends are created directly by Sevani’s founder who’s not only a Holistic Skin Specialist and Aesthetician of over 2 decades but, also an expert formulator as a result of years of research, studies and clinical practice.

A special custom non-toxic skin care blend may be created to address many concerns including:

  • lines, wrinkles
  • loss of elasticity
  • dermatitis
  • eczema
  • rosacea
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • grief – sadness
  • eczema
  • acne
  • dark circles
  • & much more!

How do we create your custom blended skin care? It’s easy! We will take a history from you and the magic mixing will begin!


After we determine your unique skin’s needs, specially selected, therapeutic grade essential oils along with omega fatty acids, antioxidants and cell regenerative ingredients along with other types of our more than 300 natural skin care ingredients in stock will be blended together to create a 100% non toxic, vegan formulation that’s totally free of synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives.  This unique formula will assist in balancing the WHOLE you; body, mind and beauty.


A special blended skin care product is not only excellent for yourself, but, treating a loved one to natural, luxurious beauty products  can make a wonderful and unique gift idea.  We’ll even package it in a beautiful sachet with a lovely gift card.


To get started simply fill out this form http://www.sevaniskin.com/askaesthetician.php  or EMAIL info@sevanibeauty.com to get started!Why wait?  Get started today and radiate the natural beauty that you are!


Pricing varies per formula but averages $85 – $125 and includes 15 minute consultation via phone, email or skype.



  1. J. Montgomery says:

    This sounds like a fabulous idea…especially for a gift for a few different people I can think of. I really think the idea of specializing the skin care ingredients for each individual is an excellent idea…and I think I might even need to pamper myself with one of these custom natural skin care blends. Thanks!

  2. wow…thank you this article. the post is very informative.


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