Nov 14th, 2011

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Your Hands Work Hard Every Day – They Deserve Luxury Skin Care Products Too

Sevani hands with rosesSo often when we discuss skin care we talk about the face.  But, what about our hands?

They see just as much if not more action than our face; and they get washed (hopefully!) repeatedly throughout the day.  While this is necessary using soap, particularly the anti-bacterial types, can dry your hands out quickly.

Not only that – think about all we do with our hands!  They see some pretty disgusting stuff yet work hard day after day for us.

And of course, now that winter is upon us we have the dry heat and hot showers further contributing to dry and aging skin, and yes this means on your hands too.

Don’t you think we should pamper them a bit?

Basic hand care should always include frequent applications of a high quality natural moisturizer throughout the day in order to keep the skin on your hands properly hydrated.

To take it a step further, treat your skin just as you do your face.  Luxury non toxic skin care products like Sevani that are rich in special oils like Kukui Nut and Argan oil, as well as other premium natural skin care ingredients such as organic fruit acids, MSM, COQ10 and more offer a wide range of benefits for your hands as well as your face.

You can use these non toxic toners, creams and serums on your hands just as you do your face.  At least twice a day cleanse, tone and moisturize your hands.  One of these times should always be right before bed.  This way the ingredients in the skin care products you’ve been using will have a chance to stay on a bit longer than they would others so they’ll have an increased effect.

Like your face, when you follow a skin care routine such as this one, you’ll notice the skin on your hands is smoother, firmer, and simply looks more youthful in just a day or two!

Be sure not to neglect your hands. Treat them well and these work horses will look and feel amazing for years to come.


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