Dec 7th, 2011

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Is Your Anti Aging Cream Actually Making Your Skin Age Faster? Find Out!

Why use Wax Free Skin Care bottleMany companies today make all kinds of anti aging creams and formulas that they claim are going to reverse time and make you look years younger.  Yet, when you flip over the bottle, there are ingredients listed that could actually do the opposite!

These beauty products use ingredients like waxes to bind oil and water together to create the base for the skin care product.  Unfortunately, many of these types of ingredients utilized actually dry out skin and clog pores; some can even cause your skin to become inflamed especially if you suffer from a skin sensitivity such as rosacea or acne.

Simply put,  our skin needs to “breathe”, it is a living breathing organ and when it is suffocated with such heavy ingredients the aging process is actually accelerated

Luckily, you won’t find any of these ingredients in Sevani’s wax free skin care products!

Instead, we use  Liquified Crystal to bind our ingredients.  This olive derived natural alternative to synthetic waxes offers many beneficial properties for your skin including anti inflammatory, hydration and anti aging among others.  All the while allowing us to formulate our skin care line without using these other types of ingredients that actually can cause skin issues!

Plus when we add our own signature blend of Organic Ayurveda Botanicals to the mix, the results of this product are magnified dramatically creating skin care formulations that work  naturally to support healthy, youthful looking skin.

It’s a win win as far as we see it and we’re so happy to be able to provide our customers with this 100% non toxic and totally natural option so that they can know for sure their anti aging products are actually helping to hydrate, sooth, and protect their skin – just as we say they will.

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