Dec 13th, 2011

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Sacred Frankincense: Nature’s Miracle for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Boswellia tree leaves and flowers for Sacred FrankincenseMany folks only know Frankincense from its small part in the “Christmas Story”, but it’s history and use is far greater than a gift from one wise man to another.

Sacred Frankincense comes from the saps and resins of the Boswellia tree, pictured here.  It’s generally used as an Incense or an Essential Oil and is known to reduce anxiety and improve mood.  Recent research has shown these results to come from Frankincense’s high levels of incensole acetate; known for both these traits as well.

Studies have begun to show that Sacred Frankincense can also essentially dissolve the nucleus or “the brain” of cancer cells thereby destroying them and, thereby potentially curing cancer.

Spiritually sacred Frankincense is thought to awaken us to our higher purpose and promotes the ability to take stewardship over our lives while also remaining connected to the divine so we are more able to balance the ego with the spirit and stay on our path toward enlightenment.

That’s a LOT for a bit of tree sap!

Yet, there’s MORE

Sacred Frankincense is highly anti aging and works to repair and regenerate cells – including skin cells!  It is also a great antimicrobial and works as a natural preservative.  Actually, Frankincense worked so well as a preservative it was used in embalming!

Because Frankincense is natural it also delivers all of these benefits with a gentleness not present in commercially prepared products.  As a result, Frankincense makes a wonderful addition to Sevani’s serums for the eyes and face.

Sacred Frankincense is  a powerhouse of a natural skin care ingredient and we absolutely love the effects it provides.  Not only that, the fact that Frankincense is known to nurture you spiritually, mentally, and physically makes it an ideal representative of our holistic skin care philosophy.

Want to learn more about Frankincense?  Visit our Ingredients Page where you can find out about Frankincense as well as the other ingredients we use in our natural skin care formulations.

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