Dec 16th, 2011

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Having A Night Time Skin Care Routine Is A MUST – Find Out Why

moon for night time skin care routineMany find washing, toning and moisturizing their skin in the morning is really no trouble.  They’re getting ready for the day anyway and adding in these steps to reap the benefits of their chosen skin care system fits in pretty seamlessly.  Night time skin care though is a different story.

Dragging yourself to the sink for a cleanse after nearly passing out on the couch watching TV, reading your favorite book – or whatever it is you do to unwind after a long busy day isn’t nearly as easy as it is to care for your skin in the morning.  All you wanna do is head to bed and crash, but, a proper night time skin care routine is a MUST if you want to have healthy, radiant skin.

Using your skin care products twice a day is essential to get the maximum benefits from the ingredients your using – Plain and Simple!

Not to mention that as you go through your day you sweat, you come into contact with all kinds of bacteria and dirt, and goodness knows what else; and its all on your face!  Most of the rest of your body is clothed or protected in some way but your face, along with your hands are exposed to pretty much everything.  No one wants to go to bed with that gunk on their body right!  And of course, it’s really nasty for your skin too because instead of washing that dirt off, its left to penetrate and clog your pores as you sleep.

The same is true for make up.  If you let it sit on your face all day and night your make up will clog your pores and lead to acne and often other skin issues.

Most importantly though, your skin care products have the opportunity to work much more effectively when used at night simply because all you do at night is sleep.  You’re not rubbing your face, pushing your phone up to it, or any number of other things you do during the day that slowly washes off your skin care products.  Instead, the formulations and  ingredients you use are able to stay on your skin longer and, as a result,  work even better than they’re able to during the day.

If you want your skin to be radiant and youthful looking, using your skin care system both day and night is essential and the only way to get the best results from the products you’re using.



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