Jan 2nd, 2012

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Sea Buckthorn Berries – The Fountain Of Youth

Seabuckthorn Berries Sea Berry Oil and leavesSea Buckthorn Berries, also commonly referred to as  Sea Berries,  have long been known by many cultures to aid in healing wounds and restoring skin tissue but, it is quite a new ingredient as far as many natural beauty products are concerned.

Here at Sevani though we heard about Sea Buckthorn Berries many years ago and as soon as we did we just knew they would be a large part of our natural beauty formulations.

You see, not only do Sea Berries offer major restorative properties for the skin (they’ve even been found to be helpful in healing skin from exposure to radiation), when pressed, they produce a substance that is high in saturated and polyunsaturated fats that can then be processed into an oil that is light, lovely, and can help create a highly beneficial base for natural beauty products.

You wouldn’t want to use Sea Buckthorn Berries all on their own though.  Due to the high levels of beta carotene contained in the berries they will turn your skin a nice shade of deep reddish orange.  Instead we use a dilution to help you reap the benefits of Sea Buckthorn Berries without turning you skin that vibrant yet unusual color!

If you suffer from dermatitis, skin ulcers, want anti aging beauty products, are looking for a way to rid your body of free radicals, or simply want healthy radiant skin,  Sea Buckthorn Berries will give it to you naturally!  Look for them as a primary ingredient in your beauty products and reap all the natural benefits of Sea Berries every day.


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