Jan 9th, 2012

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Natural Skin Care For Age Spots

Sevani lotus blossom extract for age spotsAs we age, our skin changes.  One of the ways it can change is by creating areas of hyper pigmentation otherwise known as age spots.  Although the exact cause of age (or liver) spots is not completely understood, studies suggest that the main source of the spots is related to inflammation brought on by exposure to ultraviolet radiation ie. UV rays, not just age.  In addition, there are other factors such as hormonal changes, prior irritation and blemishes, acne and much more that can also contribute to such discoloration which can intensify as we age.

What does all this mean?

It means liver spots aren’t just something we have to deal with as we age naturally, instead, we can actually treat age spots, and, like everything else,  we can treat them naturally!


First and for most, you’ve got to reduce your exposure to UV rays.  Cover up and, use sun screen and look for products with natural ingredients like these that can help reverse the effect UV rays have on your skin and protect it from future damage.

Vitamin C

Red Tea

Licorice Root

Sea Buckthorn Berry


From here, you want to be sure that you keep you skin hydrated.  Some of the best natural skin care ingredients that hydrate the skin include:

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Hyaluronic Acid (there is a natural version derived from mushrooms that is best)


And, of course you’ll want to be sure to use skin care products that contain ingredients with anti inflammatory properties like:

Evening Primrose Oil

Lotus Blossom Extract

Orchid Extract


Don’t settle for a life with age spots just because you’ve aged.  Treat your skin to luxury skin care products like Sevani that are packed solid with amazing natural skin care ingredients like these listed above that will hydrate your skin, protect it, and help it look younger all the while evening your pigmentation and reducing inflammation.

Amazingly enough, with non toxic products like these you’ll notice  a difference in your age spots and find your skin looking naturally younger right away!  Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself today!


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