Jan 29th, 2012

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Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids Are Gentle Yet Effective – Even For Those With Rosacea

Alpha Hydroxy Acids for Sensitive Skin Red Headed WomanAlpha Hydroxy Acids offer a myriad of amazing benefits for the skin, but, today, the AHAs found in the majority of beauty products on the market are contraindicated for those with Rosacea and other skin sensitivities.

This isn’t because Alpha Hydroxy Acids are bad for people with Rosacea, its because these particular AHAs are synthetically produced and as a result they can be quite harsh on the skin even while providing so many benefits.

Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids are different though.

You see, AHAs aren’t new, in fact, they’ve long been known throughout history to support healthy, youthful skin; and in these days there weren’t chemists or pharmaceutical companies to make them.  Instead, they used naturally occurring Alphy Hydroxy Acids.

Take Cleopatra for example.  She used lactic acid (milk sugar) to improve her complexion and, throughout the years, many other women (and even some men) like her have used the natural AHAs found in  fruits, milk, and sugar cane to do the same

These naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids are known to be gentle, yet, at the same time, they’re just as, if not more so effective than their synthetic counterparts.  As a result, naturally sourced AHAs can be used and enjoyed even by those with Rosacea!

Unfortunately, with the advent of synthetic AHAs people began to lose touch with the naturally sourced ones and so they’re not always easy to find.  Luckily, though, more and more beauty product manufacturers like Sevani are going back to nature for ingredients, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  This is excellent news for anyone with sensitive skin because as we said, natural AHAs will be gentle on your skin yet still provide you with the same effects of reduced age spots and scarring, decreased acne, smoother skin, even tone and more that AHAs are known to provide.

In addition, Sevani goes the extra mile by adding in anti-inflammatory agents such as licorice root, evening primrose and more to our natural beauty products to further reduce sensitivity so that even the most sensitive of skin types can use products like the  AHA cleanser and/or the Rapid Renewal Creme.

So, whatever your skin type – even if its sensitive – be sure to include the benefits of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids in your skin care regimen if you aren’t already.  They have SO much to offer and can help you look your best naturally.

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