Mar 1st, 2012

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Moroccan Argan Oil Is AMAZING – But Only If Its Pure and Organic!

Organic Argan Tree with Fruit used to make Argan OilArgan oil has become a very popular beauty ingredient recently in the western world.  Its been used in Morocco, the Argan tree’s native region, for generations though.

Understandably so!  Argan oil is simply filled with impressive ingredients including essential fatty acids, carotenes, vitaman E, phenols, squalene, and phenolic acid.  Not only that, this natural oil is thinner and lighter than other vegetable oils so it absorbs quickly and without feeling greasy at all.

Moroccan Argan oil is great for any skin type and has properties to help give skin a smoother appearance, balance oil production, increase elasticity, reduce inflammation, and fight free radicals.  Its great for hair too and can smooth frizzies, restore dried split ends and protect hair from sun damage.

With qualities like these coupled with the fact that the Argan tree only grows in a small zone of the world, Argan oil is one of the rarest essential oils in the world!

As a result, like most rare items, pure, organic Argan Oil is quite expensive.  Many companies have decided to try and get around that though.

They offer really low prices but, unfortunately, most of the commercial Argan oils available are often formulated with cheaper oils, toxic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and we’ve even found some that included dimethicone and other silicones in order to  “cut” or stretch the Argan oil and thereby lower the cost.

Now, I’m all for affordable but not at the expense of quality.  When these extra ingredients are added to the Argan oil they actually work to negate its natural qualities and can further dehydrate your skin and hair instead of feed and moisturize it.  Not to mention some of these “extra” ingredients are known toxins and take a product that started as a gift from a miraculous plant and turn it into something that when used could actually cause issues as opposed to cure them.   At this point too, after the additives have been introduced, the argan oil is not really an oil at all anymore, it’s technically considered a serum, which is quite different in effect than a pure oil.

In order to protect yourself and enjoy all the major benefits of the real McCoy – be sure to get only Pure, Organic Argan oil!  You can verify purity by  texture and aroma; natural Argan Nut Oil has a faint nutty aroma.  Also, look for natural beauty products that use certified organic Argan oil so you can be sure these formulations aren’t based on an impure product.

While you may notice quite a difference in price for organic Argan oil when compared to these other additive filled versions – because of the extremely high quality of this oil in its pure state, a little organic Moroccon Argan oil goes a Looooonnnnggg way.  This makes it not all that pricey after all!

Remember too, you’re not only getting a better product, when you choose pure, natural Argan oil, you’re making sure that all those toxins and chemicals stay out of your body and out of the environment!  Plus you’ll get to fully enjoy all the wonderful gifts this special oil has to offer.




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