May 28th, 2012

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“Animal Rights Are Never Wrong”

Quotes are always flying around the internet these days, but this one above “Animal Rights are Never Wrong” struck me.  This is a guiding principal at Sevani, and one I hold near and dear to my heart in my personal life too.


So often in our culture we treat animals with disrespect.  Whether that involves testing cosmetics and beauty products on animals, factory farming and the abhorrent conditions farm animals are so often kept in, companion animal abuse, and on and on – these beings suffer at the hands of humans way too often.  Unfortunately, if we humans that love and care for animals don’t speak up for their rights, they’ll continue to be trampled and worse, seen as having no rights at all because they’re “just animals”.


Animal Rights are Never WrongThis is the point of view that’s “wrong” in my opinion though.


I feel our thoughts about and treatment of animals is a symptom of a much larger problem.   One that has led to a lot of the environmental issues we’re experiencing today.  Many humans look at themselves as “superior to” the earth and the animals we share it with.  But, in reality, we’re no different than animals.  We are all part of the interconnected earth family and are dependent upon each other; even if many humans would like to try to forget that.


Currently, this superiority complex we humans seem to suffer from is leading us toward our undoing.   But, it’s not too late. to change and honor animals and their natural right to a free life – like the one we humans hold so dear.  Not sure what you can do to help support animal rights?  Here are just a few ideas ~


  • Make donations of your time, money and supplies to animal welfare organizations.
  • Adopt an animal in need of a home.
  • Support companies making truly cruelty free products.
  • Expose organizations that are violating animal rights
  • Organize others to join forces with you for animal rights


The internet is a powerful medium and can serve to both unite all those who support animal rights as well as to help farmers and businesses do the right thing when it comes to their treatment of animals.   Our animal brothers and sisters speak in a language too many humans don’t understand or ignore.  But, we can tap into this power and use our  voices to speak for the voiceless.

Animal Rights are Never Wrong -  and as part of the family of earth we must stand up and help protect the rights and freedoms of all beings on this planet.




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