Aug 9th, 2012

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3 Skin Care Tips You Can Start Today for Amazing Skin Each and Every Day!

There’s a LOT of hype out there about how to get “younger looking skin” but that has nothing to do with Sevani!  We pride ourselves on making our own way and not paying attention to the hype but instead, focusing on what works!

In honor of that philosophy we wanted to share these 3 skin care tips you can do right now, today, and see a noticeable difference in the quality of your skin as soon as tomorrow!

Just to be sure not to minimize the full process of achieving healthy skin and a healthy you which involves using all natural beauty products, healthy eating, and careful supplementation.  But, there’s no denying, when you do these three easy things on a daily basis you’ll to see superior skin in the mirror each and every day.

1. Dolower face and chest of girl in black and whiten’t Touch!

You can make an immediate impact on the health of your skin by taking measures to minimize the bacteria and oils that make it from your hands (or cell phone, or pillow) to your face.  It’s not a lack of cleanliness; even the cleanest people need to be wary.  Dirt easily makes it from your hands to your pores and starts to create zits and black heads immediately.

So don’t rub your eyes, rest your chin in your hands, massage your temples, etc.  Instead, maintain a strict “hands off” policy when it comes to your face and you’ll have a clearer complexion than ever before.

2. Cleanse Twice a Day

Minimizing the effects of dirt and bacteria on your skin also requires that you wash up with an all natural cleanser at least twice a day.  Most people find it easy to wash their face in the morning as they prep for their day.  But, evening is a different thing.  Don’t be lazy.  Be sure to cleanse your face at night too.  And never ever EVER go to bed with your make up on!  You’re just asking  for clogged pores if you do.

3. Get at Least 8 hrs

Though you may be able to slog through another day on coffee and 5 hours’ sleep, you won’t be able to do it looking your best. When you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t give your body the chance to repair and refresh itself the way it is designed to do. This can lead to puffy eyes, splotchy skin, dark circles and, an overall look of sleep deprivation that’s just never going to help you look or function at your best.

As you can see these skin care tips are pretty simple, yet, they can be difficult to follow all the same.  If you can make it happen though, your skin will experience a rejuvenation like you’ve never seen before!



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