Aug 13th, 2012

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Keep the Alcohol in Your Glass NOT on Your Skin

Current research has shown that alcohol has a lot of benefits; but it has none for your skin.  Used as preservatives and more, the various types of alcohols used in the majority of conventional skin care products can actually cause more problems than they can solve.  As a result, we’ve chosen to avoid using any type of alcohols in Sevani Botanica natural skin care products.  Here’s a bit more on exactly why that is and, since we think it’s so important to avoid these ingredients, we’ll show you how to tell if there’s alcohol in any of the current brands you’re using too.

First,empt alcohol bottles How to Find Alcohol on the Ingredient List

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at how you can find whether or not there’s alcohol in your skin care products.  Alcohol can be found on personal care product ingredient lists (even those that claim they’re “Natural”) under the following names -

Benzyl Alcohol
Ethyl Alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol
Methyl Alcohol
SD Alcohol
Denatured Alcohol
Cetearyl Alcohol
Cetyl Alcohol
Stearyl Alcohol
Lanolin Alcohol


ALWAYS read labels on anything you buy and when it comes to beauty and personal care products, avoid those with any of these words on it.  Here’s why…

Now, Lets Talk About Why You Want To Avoid Products With These Alcohols In Them

Now that you know what to look for, lets take a closer look at these alcohols, how they’re used in beauty products, and why they really shouldn’t be.

Benzyl alcohol is likely one of the more well known alcohols and is used in many types of preservatives commonly found in personal care products. This alcohol has actually been found to causes allergies on contact with reactions like dilated blood vessels, interference with the body’s ability to process and absorb Vitamin A, premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Not only used in preservatives, Benzyl alcohol can also be considered a “Fragrance”.  This means it may be in your products yet you likely wouldn’t even know given the loose regulations regarding labeling of personal care products and what the word “fragrance” can actually mean on a beauty product label!

Ethyl alcohol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol,  SD alcohol and even denatured alcohol can all have similar effects on the skin. These processed alcohols are not meant to be ingested and shouldn’t be absorbed into your skin, the largest organ of your body either. They’re incredibly harsh and as we said, the effects alcohol can have are working contrary to your efforts at feeding and supporting beautiful, healthy skin!

Many skin products also contain cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol.  These alcohols are often used as an emulsifier or as a binding agent to facilitate the blending of oil and water in products like beauty creams and lotions, sunblock, cleansers, eye make up, hair color, and more.  These alcohols aren’t quite as harsh as the ones mentioned above and they are good at keeping the product stable, but, some research has shown that the molecule size of these alcohols may actually “age you”.

As a substitute for cetyl and cetearyl alcohol stearyl alcohol is often included instead.  While useful, it too is contraindicated to maintaining overall healthy skin for many of the same reasons and simply; alcohol just isn’t compatible with our skin!

Last but not least there’s Lanolin alcohol.  Another emollient used in low concentrations in sunscreen, cosmetics, and moisturizers, Lanolin alcohol is made from the sebaceous glands of sheep’s wool.  As a result it too can be a sensitizing agent and cause allergic reactions. It’s also important to consider how the sheep are handled (hint – it’s usually quite poorly) and of course whether or not you want animal products used in your personal care products at all.

So Given All This What Should We Do?

While it might seem like you’ll have to settle for the least problematic form of alcohol given all the different ways it’s used in skin care products there is an alcohol free option!  Upon highly researching ALL the options available when formulating Sevani we determined we were NOT INCLUDING ALCOHOL.  Instead, we much prefer ingredients derived from nature that offer numerous nutrients and soothing properties vs harsh and drying ingredients and we’re able to successfully formulate highly effective products without alcohol of any kind!

One more word of warning about alcohol though.  While we opted not to use alcohol in Sevani Botanica products, some other “natural” brands made a different choice.  Please read all labels carefully and remember, when it comes to beauty products, know your company; just because they claim to be “all natural” doesn’t mean they are!  There’s no truth in labeling requirements yet for personal care products in the United States.  Sadly, this means any one of these types of chemicals and alcohols could be in your precious beauty formulations but not included on the ingredient list; yet it’s there all the while damaging your skin….and worse, the products are spouting claims of “natural” and “organic”.

Luckily though, you can use natural beauty products like Sevani!  We disclose ALL our ingredients, have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, Are designated “Champions” for Safe Cosmetics and, have all our current product formulations listed on EWG’s  Skin Deep database.  Sevani is natural beauty you can trust and that delivers Real Results from REAL Ingredients

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