Feb 13th, 2013

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Yoga Benefits for Couples | Partner Yoga Poses Included!

I’m a big believer in Yoga.  It has so many benefits for your skin, and your entire physical body; not to mention mental health and spiritual benefits too.  Really it’s pretty much impossible to deny the immense value cultivating a regular yoga practice has for your life.

Given we’re in the month of February, the month of Love, I thought it would be fun to explore the benefits of partner yoga.  While partner yoga can be done with any type of partner (friend, relative, romantic partner), it has added benefits when done between two life partners.

Practicing partner yoga with your significant other helps to bring your relationship into balance and helps build companionship, trust, compassion, intimacy, and so much more.  Sharing your yoga practice together, while extra challenging (as well as extra rewarding!) at times, shows a mutual respect for the holistic health and wellness of both yourself and your partner too, and as a result, helps to bring you together in a very special way.

Ready to get into some couples yoga?  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s the perfect time to introduce partner yoga into your relationship.  It isn’t difficult, but, it can be challenging of course as any yoga practice can.  That said, as with all yoga practices (individual, partner, class, etc.) you can also go at your own pace, and there are always opportunities to create an individualized practice that will work for you and your partner.

Now let’s take a look at a few partner yoga asanas to get you started and give you a brief glance at what couples yoga really can be.


One of the most basic and most beneficial partner yoga poses is simple back to back sitting meditation.  The partners make strong contact through the sacrum while concentrating on their breathing and letting go…together.


partner yoga

Couples meditation from PartnerYoga.net


Another fairly basic partner yoga pose is called Triple Hill.  This asana is sort of like downward facing dog but up against a partner instead of down on your mat.  This makes for a great lower back stretch, and both participants benefit from this partner yoga pose at the same time too.


partner yoga pose triple hill

Triple Hill Partner Yoga Pose from FitSugar.com


The Child Cobra yoga pose is excellent for helping your partner open their hips.  The bottom partner maintains child’s pose while the top partner moves into cobra pose – but placing their hands shoulder width apart on their partner’s hips instead of their mat.    After doing this asana partners should rotate so each receives the benefit of this fun partner yoga pose.


partner yoga pose child cobra

Child Cobra partner yoga pose FitSugar.com


There are quite a few other yoga poses for couples as well along with videos, classes, and more to assist you in developing a yoga practice with your significant other.  Support a healthy you and a healthy relationship and try partner yoga today.  You won’t be disappointed!