Jul 1st, 2013

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Drink Yourself Beautiful With These Refreshing, All Natural, Beauty Drink Recipes

Here at Sevani,beauty drink we talk a lot about what we put on our skin.  But, what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on them.  Fresh, organic fruits and veggies are so important, and often, so lacking in our diets.  When you give your body all these live, nutrient rich foods though, you’ll feel and see the difference.

Too help you get more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet – and because it’s summer and it’s hot out – we thought we’d share these refreshing, all natural options for drinking yourself beautiful, along with some of the specific beauty drink recipes we enjoy every day around here.


One of the easiest ways to increase your fruit and veggie intake is to start juicing.  You can create all your own amazing, and totally fresh juices filled with greens, berries, citrus, and whatever else you’d like!  We’ve posted some of our favorites below.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is an excellent beauty drink to have whenever possible.  Lemons actually have a variety of benefits for the entire body, including Vitamin C, and anti bacterial properties which also benefit the skin.  Plus, adding a slice of lemon  or a squeeze of lemon juice to your water is so easy, it’s almost silly not to drink lemon water instead of plain!

Iced BeauTEAiced beauty tea

Iced tea is a traditional summer drink.  By choosing red, white, or green tea your iced tea will taste amazing and provide some priceless beauty benefits including antioxidants, along with Vitamins E, and C, iron, and more.

If you’re creative in the kitchen, you can easily take this info and make your own beauty drinks.  If, on the other hand, you enjoy following a good recipe, here are a few of our personal favorites.

Sevani’s Beauty Drink Recipes


Berry Greens Juice

2-3 Kale Leaves

1 C spinach

1 C Blueberries

1 C Strawberries

1 Orange

1 Carrot

Run through your juicer and enjoy right away while super fresh!


Lemon Water with Berries

To an 8 oz glass of water add, the fresh squeezed juice and pulp of 1/2 a lemon, and if you like, a handful of frozen berries gently smashed.

Or for a nice twist, freeze the lemon and/or berry juice in an ice tray, then add to your glass of water as needed.


Rosehip Beauty Tea

for 1 cup of tea, add

several rose hips

red and/or white tea leaves

licorice root


to your tea ball or into your cup of tea.  Steep.  Strain. And enjoy!


Enjoy all of these recipes regularly for best results.  And, remember, especially in the summer, but really all year long,  stay hydrated with beauty drinks and you’ll look and feel your best every day!



  1. YUM! Love these recipes especially the iced beauTEA.

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