Jan 15th, 2011

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The Importance of Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin is extremely important, particularly as we age.   As we age, skin cells no longer shed rapidly leading to a dull appearance.   The accumulation of these cells also make fine lines, scars and wrinkles more obvious because they remain trapped within these areas.  Fortunately, there are several natural methods of exfoliation to keep skin healthy and glowing.  Exfoliation is the process of cleansing the skin to achieve skin renewal. It removes flaky, dry and dead skin, which allows renewal of newer and healthier cells for a radiant glow.

Many commercial skin care exfoliants  may be too harsh for aging and sensitive skin.  Skin specialists  prefer all-natural Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids.  Not only do they “dissolve” skin cells to provide a radiant glow, but they are said to also stimulate collagen production offering a more firm skin tone.  The process of dissolving skin cells avoids the harsh abrasion of traditional scrubs which offer less benefits and can be harmful.

If you have sensitive skin and frequent skin outbreaks then you surely want to avoid any harsh scrubs and minimize friction on the skin.  A moisturizing cream containing natural AHA’s (alpha hydroxy fruit acids) is an ideal combination.  This way you are exfoliating the skin with a mild daily application to dissolve dead skin cells while also hydrating the skin.  The natural Alpha Hydroxy  Acid from glycolic acid derived from sugar cane has one of the smallest molecules.  This allows it to penetrate deeper and also stimulate collagen.  It has been found to minimize age spots, wrinkles and scars while also smoothing the skin texture.  AHA’s found in Citrus Fruits give provide citric acid that helps you in skin whitening and mild exfoliation. There are a number of naturally occurring fruit acids that can provide you with a radiant glow by using a daily cream.  Harsh scrubs irritate and can cause inflammation.  If you have read any of our prior posts, you have learned that inflammation can actually cause pigmented lesions and accelerate aging.   With nature’s exfoliant, Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids you can minimize that risk.  Some may experience mild tingling but this is normal as your skin adjusts to the product.  As an alternative you can also use daily cleanser that contains AHA’s to dissolve skin cells mildly while you cleanse.

These natural methods of exfoliation will help you in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. However, maintenance is the key.  Whether you have acne, rosacea, pigment, age spots, wrinkles or dull complexion exfoliation will benefit your complexion.

When exfoliating, make sure you use chemical-free products.

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