Jun 4th, 2012

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How To Use Oils To Cleanse Your Skin Gently And Naturally

Have you heard about cleansing with oils as opposed to soap?  No?  Well, here’s the scoop on why you really need to consider ditching the soap and instead, reach for the oil to help your skin look it’s best naturally.

Many people think that using oils to clean and support the skin would lead to increased acne and they simply can’t imagine how this method of cleansing the skin could possibly be beneficial. But, it is!

Using natural cream cleansers and oils to wash your face is ideal for all skin types; even for people with acne and oily skin.

You see, harsh soaps and cleansers rob the skin of it’s natural oils thereby making it think it actually needs to increase oil production.  Plus, many ingredients used in commercial soaps,  face washes, and gels, like sulfates for example, may make your skin feel clean, dry, and tight.  But, to achieve this feeling, they leave your skin unprotected leading to increased dryness, accelerated aging, and other skin problems.

Using natural oils and oil based cleansers though help to avoid these nasty side effects.  

Oils like Argan and Kukui Nut that provide vitamins and fatty acids are combined with essential oils to create a product that can not only dissolve dirt, debris, and makeup from the skin, but also kill bacteria and provide the skin with regenerative properties.  This helps your skin feel supple and stay hydrated thereby actually preventing the reaction to produce more oil often caused by using the harsher, chemical based cleansers and soaps.  As a result most report a dramatic reduction in acne after they begin cleansing with oils.


How do you use oils to cleanse your skin?

~ For general cleansing we recommend starting with our Moroccan Beauty Oil and adding 10 drops of our serum vitale to each application.  This blend will offer a deep cleansing synergy that does not strip your skin of natural oils AND this special blend of essential oils will bacteria and enhance collagen at the same time!  Simply rub the oils between the palms of your hands then massage the skin all over your face, neck, and decollete area gently with your fingertips.  Now, apply a hot, cotton washcloth to steam your face.  Leave it on until the cloth cools. Rinse the washcloth, wring it out and wipe away the remaining oil dabbing gently.

~ For eye specific oils just put a bit of the beauty fluid onto a cotton ball then gently dab the oils onto the eye area being careful to avoid any pulling, tugging, or rubbing.

~ Oil cleansing is usually done once a day in the evening for best results.


You’ll find several great oil cleansing products from Sevani including our Ageless Radiance AHA Cleanser, Serum Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil, Sevani Ageless Eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum, Advanced Omega Night Repair Serum, Moroccan Argan Beauty Oil and more.

Switch to cream cleansers and oil based cosmetic makeup removers today and preserve your skins youthfulness naturally and gently no matter your skin type!