Sep 4th, 2012

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Summer Skin Care Tips You Can Use All Year Long

While the passing of Labor Day signifies that summer is nearly over for yet another year, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to protect your skin from the damage the sun and the elements can throw at it anymore.  On the contrary, it’s actually very important to protect your skin from the elements throughout the year.  Of course we talk a lot about protecting our skin during the summer as we usually have more skin exposed on hot days.  But,  your hands, face, neck, ears, hair, and more get year round exposure and they need year round support as a result.

For example, did you know that damaging UV rays even penetrate the windshield of your car and light clothing no matter what time of year it is?  And that’s only one of the ways that your skin is attacked all year long.  Use these special skin care tips commonly shared in summer though and your skin will be protected (and look it’s best) January through December.

One of thcalendar for year round skin care tips e biggest things you can do for your skin is not put your sunscreen away with your beach gear.  Instead, protect your skin throughout the year by choosing a natural sunscreen that you like and that you’ll wear each and every day.

Also, don’t ditch those sunglasses just yet.  Wearing your shades with UV protection year round can help you avoid squinting and the wrinkles that will result around your eyes, not to mention protect from those damaging rays we just mentioned.

Remember too that your skin experiences harsh conditions in the fall, winter, and spring as well as the summer and a good organic cleanser is your best friend the whole year long.  Cleansing twice a day helps rid your skin of toxins and dirt it’s collected through the day as well as removes dead skin cells, all while protecting you from acne and more. This is essential for healthy skin no matter the season.  Look for products that contain willow bark as they will mildly exfoliate the skin; perfect for times when cells don’t renew themselves as a result of a more dry climate and less humidity.

Of course you don’t want to forget your moisturizer either. Beauty products with aloe vera,  and argan oil are excellent for helping keep skin moisturized and hydrated through both summer and winter dryness.  Hyaluronic acid is also an exceptional humectant that keeps moisture bound within the cells to prevent cracking and aging skin.

Our hair is working hard year round too and will become dull and brittle if we’re not careful.   Protect it by treating it once or twice a week with certified organic argan oil to keep hair soft and healthy throughout the year.

Always remember to protect areas such as your lips, ears, and hands too.  They’re constantly exposed to the elements throughout the four seasons and deserve some tender loving care to help them stay protected and looking their best too.  Products like a natural lip balm with sun protection, or a special hand creme can go a long way when used regularly.

Even though you may not be walking on the beach in your bikini in November, you still need to consider the effects of the sun, and the environment as a whole on your skin.  Protect it with these skin care tips, and quality natural beauty products all year long and you’ll see a difference in the radiance and glow of your skin for years to come.

  1. I would love to hear your recommendations on the best, safe sunscreens.

    • Just put suncreen and sunblock in the search bar and you can view a few posts we have done on them in recent months. :)
      In addition, Sevani offers one, zinc oxide based…the only kind we would use.

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