Oct 13th, 2012

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5 Practices That Are Good for You and the Planet

While it might not seem so sometimes, the choices we make each and every day affect us and the planet for a long time.  Like a ripple in a pond the ramifications of the smallest things we do, from what we eat for dinner tonight to the soap we choose to wash our dishes, can have effects (positive and negative) for generations.  As a result, it’s incredibly important to make conscious decisions about our lifestyle daily.    To help you along the path toward living in harmony with the planet here are 5 practices you can adopt today that are good for you and the planet, and will help bring both of you good things for years to come too.


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Shop Second Hand and Vintage

By shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories at second hand and vintage stores you not only find choice pieces at amazing prices, but, there are other benefits too.  You avoid giving your money to companies with questionable labor practices.  There are no extra chemicals introduced into the environment to grow the cotton or to make synthetic types of fibers for your clothes.  Plus, reusing clothes like this also helps the planet by keeping them out of landfills and more.

Use Natural Personal and Skin Care Products

Chemicals in personal care and beauty products are plentiful.  In fact, many don’t even have to be listed on the labels!  There’s no reason for them though and they poison you and the planet.  Instead, switch to 100% verifiably natural skin care products, non toxic deodorants, make up, and other types of personal care products to help save both of you.

Avoid Plastics

With BPA being proven to absorb into food, personal care products, baby gear, skin care creams, and more, it’s extra important to choose items packaged in more eco friendly ways. For example, Sevani is packaged in glass to avoid these issues and others that negatively effect the products, you, and the environment.

Switch to Non Toxic Cleaning Products

The majority of cleaning products on the market today contain some type of chemical that has questionable effects on the human body.  Instead, switch to natural cleaning options like white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice along with a totally natural soap like Dr. Bronners for example.  Nothing unnatural going into the atmosphere or down the drain to poison the planet or you!

Go Vegan

Switching to a lifestyle free of animal products has a variety of benefits for you including clearer skin, a more youthful looking complexion, and a much healthier cardio-vascular system.  For the planet, going vegan helps free the animals kept in factory famed conditions, allows the land to be used for food much more efficiently and, reduces the rate of deforestation and greenhouse gases among other benefits.


By adopting just one of these practices you can make a huge difference both in the short and the long term.  And, by making lifestyle changes and choices that accommodate all of these practices, you can make even more of a positive change in both your life and that of the planet we all need to sustain us now, and for generations to come!





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