Oct 18th, 2012

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Love Lemons? You Should and Here’s Why

Do you include lemons in your daily life?  You should!

Lemons can actually be used internally as well as topically with many benefits for the whole body, including the skin.  Take a look at these amazing “side effects” lemons offer our bodies inside and out…

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best benefits lemons give to the skin specifically.  It’s an amazing antioxidant that helps renew and repair cells as well as protect the skin from free radicals and lemons are a great source of this powerful vitamin.

Improved Digestion

Lemons can also help improve digestion.  This is not only a good thing on it’s own, but, it also helps your entire body, including the skin.  Improved digestion means all that good food you eat is more easily absorbedlemons by your body providing it with even more of the nutrition it needs much more efficiently.

Total Body Cleanser

Not only do lemons increase your ability to absorb all the necessary nutritive properties of the food you eat, they also help cleanse the entire body of the crap you don’t need. You’ll end up feeling rejuvenated and just more healthy overall as a result.

Skin Lightener

Lemons are also excellent when applied topically for lightening acne scars and other blemishes you’d like to get rid of on your face, neck, or anywhere on your skin!

Anti Bacterial

Using lemons can also help support the body in many ways as a result of their anti bacterial properties.  For the skin, powerful, anti bacterial ingredients like lemons can help prevent acne and other types of skin infections when used regularly.

You’ll find that lemons are also excellent for boosting your metabolism, cleansing your liver, and more!  Enjoy them in your ice water, as part of your tea or smoothie, and of course, in Sevani natural skincare products.  We use essential oil of lemon to help deliver all the non toxic benefits of lemons to your skin when you use our powerfully pure products twice a day for fantastic results!

They may taste sour to the palate, but, organic lemons have major benefits for the whole body.  Be sure to start including them in your regular diet to reap all the special treasures they offer and you’ll easily learn to love lemons!

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