Nov 10th, 2012

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Non Toxic Skin Care | Important for You and the Entire Earth Too

We often discuss the importance of non-toxic skin care products and the benefits for your skin and overall health.  Just as important is our passion for the planet and our commitment to an Eco-Friendly lifestyle.  This is what motivated our ingredient choices while formulating the Sevani Botanica non toxic skin care line as well as our business practices.

stream and tree branchOn the other hand, when personal care product manufacturers choose to use toxic chemicals in their preparations, it impacts the entire earth in several different ways.

Contaminating the Water

As you use these products, the majority are eventually washed into the water somehow.  Whether it’s the cleanser washing down the drain as you rinse off your face, or you releasing the toxins you’ve absorbed as you sit upon the porcelain throne, these chemicals often return contaminating the water we, and all the rest of the beings on earth require to sustain life; among other things.

Releasing Toxins into the Atmosphere

As the individual chemicals used in the products are created toxins are often released into the air.  This happens with the formulation of the beauty care products themselves, as well as when they’re used too!

Animal Testing

While some personal care product manufacturers are moving away from animal testing, others are not.  These chemicals must be tested prior to human use to see just what the health risks might be, and guess who gets the honor?  Defenseless animals.

Moreover, the manufacturing process required to make these chemicals is in and of itself questionable and often results in bio hazard waste and worse.

Luckily, these chemicals are totally unnecessary to create powerfully effective non toxic skin care products.  The animals and the rest of the planet need not be assaulted with these ingredients 24/7 so humans can achieve personal beauty.

True beauty comes from natural sources.  Natural skin care ingredients,  pure water (for proper hydration), exercise, meditation,  kindness, a positive spiritual outlook; these are the things required for true beauty – not chemicals that are toxic to you, and our entire planet.

It’s time for change; and it begins with you.  These consequences can be avoided. Making eco-friendly lifestyle choices like using cruelty free, non toxic beauty and other types of personal care products DO make a difference in you and the planet too.