Nov 16th, 2012

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How to Soothe Skin Inflammation With Natural Beauty Ingredients

The human body is an amazing thing.  It has many ways of protecting and healing itself, often with little aid, that are nothing short of miraculous.  One of the ways the body responds to and protects itself from bacteria, viruses, injuries, etc. is inflammation.

While some inflammation is a good thing, at times, the body may find itself stuck in a cycle of repetitive, and even unnecessary inflammation.   mortar and pestal with metal spoon in front of wood wallThis happens frequently with skin conditions like Rosacea and Exczema for example.  

Why?  Well one of the major contributing factors are conventional skin care products.  Many beauty products on the market today contain harsh chemicals that may be abrasive to the skin, stripping it of it’s protective layer of oil thus requiring the skin to “protect itself” through all means necessary; including inflammation.  This happens in normal skin and, if your skin is already prone to inflammation anyway due to issues like chronic acne or rosacea, these products can exacerbate it; moving you further away from healing and getting to the root cause of your skin inflammation.

Other causes of inflammation in the skin include; excessive sun exposure, cystic acne,  auto-immune diseases, stress, picking blemishes, bug bites, stings, synthetic fragrances, laser treatments, injectable fillers,  food allergies and much more.

So now you know what causes inflammation, what can you do to soothe your inflamed skin and help break the cycle of inflammation for good?

We recommend natural skin care products.  Beauty formulations created from totally natural ingredients support delicate skin while gently telling it “all is well…no special protective measures needed here”.  The cycle of inflammation is stopped, and your skin is able to look it’s best.

To get you started down your path toward healing, here is a list of our favorite natural beauty ingredients to help calm inflammation, reduce redness, and support healthy, inflammation free skin naturally.

Licorice Root
Organic Argan Oil
Vitamin B 5/Panthenol
Bulgarian Rose Damascena
Evening Primrose Oil
Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica)
Rose Geranium Essential Oil
Lotus Blossom Extract (Sacred)
Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE)

Of course, you can find all of these ingredients in Sevani Botanica!  We want to help you help your skin look it’s best, and powerfully pure, natural beauty ingredients like these are the way to do it.  Avoid harsh, toxic chemicals that only serve to lead your skin down a path toward inflammation, redness, acne, dryness and more.  Instead, enjoy all the benefits of natural beauty products like Sevani to truly help your skin stay healthy and look it’s best naturally!

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