Dec 18th, 2012

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Here’s To a Cruelty Free Christmas and a Non Toxic New Year

Happy Holimerry christmas packagedays!  If we might, we’d like to ask all of you to make it a Cruelty Free Christmas this year; and every day from here on out.  As you might know – animals are important to all of us at Sevani Botanica and, we’re proud to be one of the first skin care companies to make the cruelty free pledge!  The pledge, created by The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program, is an internationally recognized standard for companies producing cosmetics, personal care products, and other types of household products like these.  Those products that meet the Leaping Bunny Program’s strict standards for cruelty free production are granted the honor of placing the Leaping Bunny Logo (shown below on the right) on their products.

Today, this little bunny  has become the national standard and represents the fact that the products that carry it have been certified cruelty free and are NOT Tested On Animals.  Not only that, to wear the leaping bunny logo the products also must not contain anyleaping bunny certified cruelty free logo individual ingredients that are tested on animals.  So, when you’re looking for gifts for your loved ones this Holiday season, be sure to make it a cruelty free Christmas and choose products, like Sevani, that carry the Leaping Bunny logo!  Animals will thank you for years to come.

In addition to being sure your beauty routine isn’t harming animals, you’ll also want to be sure it’s not harming you!  Yes, YOU!  (not to mention the rest of your family, friends, and the whole planet!)

A wonderful New Year’s Resolution for 2013 would be to make the switch to a totally non toxic lifestyle.  This includes products like your skin care, house hold cleaning, personal care, etc.  These products often contain some very harmful chemicals; even when they’re not tested on animals!  Plus, many beauty products in particular are simply formulated incorrectly to properly care for your skin on a holistic level in order to achieve true natural beauty.

Unfortunately, unlike seeking out cruelty free products, finding honestly, 100% pure personal care and beauty products can be quite difficult.  At this point there’s no certifying body or oversight agency that is responsible for verifying the claims made on items like skin care products – or even the ingredient lists!  Instead, you’ve simply got to know the company.  You’ve got to verify their ingredients, and their honesty.

Take our word for it, these aren’t some kind of crazy conspiracy theories.  We’ve learned this all through personal experience!  And, we formulated Sevani differently as a result.

We run our company differently as a result too.  We WANT to help you live a more non toxic lifestyle.  We WANT to help you live longer by avoiding the use of toxic chemicals on your beautiful skin.  And, we honestly CARE that our products are effective yet gentle on you, animals, and the entire planet.  And, to prove it, the EWG’s Database for Safe Cosmetics has rated us as a “Champion” for non toxic skin care.

At Sevani we have been a leader in ensuring that our products are cruelty-free and we work diligently to bring our customers products that are free of harsh, toxic chemicals as well.  Our natural products can address any skin care concern you may have and were developed by a Holistic Aesthetician with over 25 years experience.  In addition, Sevani Botanica is an eco-friendly skin care company.  We maintain a non toxic, “green” place of business, and support green initiatives within our own community and globally as well.  We are also a PETA approved cruelty-free company, and donate a portion of our proceeds to animal welfare organizations and sanctuaries in our local area and beyond.  Plus, never to be the ones to sit still and stagnate, we’re constantly researching additional ways to contribute to preserving our planet & all of its inhabitants.

As a result, by choosing Sevani Botanica natural beauty products (and reading our Holistic Beauty and Wellness Blog regularly) you can easily Make it a Cruelty Free Christmas and a Non Toxic New Year!



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