Feb 19th, 2013

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Amber Glass Bottles Are the Natural Choice for Our Totally Natural Beauty Products

When you make a purchase, there’s so much to consider.  From the company who makes the product, to where the product is made, to the actual ingredients in the product, and even the packaging it’s placed in you’ve got to think about it all and consider it’s impact on you and the rest of the planet.

While it can seem difficult at times, we do the same thing here at Sevani.  In fact, one of the reasons Sevani came into being is that it’s so difficult to find honestly natural beauty products. We’ve done everything we can to ensure our products are safe for you and the planet – all the way down to the amber glass bottles we’ve chosen to store Sevani formulas in.

The packaging for products like personal care and beauty products is surprisingly important.  While all companies give attention to the packaging, it’s generally in the form of how it can serve to advertise and brand a product.  That’s not the view we took however; even though we do think our brown apothecary glass bottles are super cute!

Instead, we took into account several factors when choosing to package Sevani formulations in dark amber glass bottles -


  • Glass containers will never interact with essential oils or release toxins into the final product like many plastics do; even those that are marked as BPA free.



  • Some manufacturers choose clear or blue glass packaging for their products, but, that wasn’t going to work for Sevani either.  The UV rays from the sun still penetrate these types of glass.  This is an issue because sunlight degrades ingredients and robs them of their potency while also shortening their lifespan.  Dark brown glass blocks all light and products stay at their full potency even when you’re scraping the sides for the last drop!


  • Sevani natural beauty products in amber glass on a wood tableAmber bottles are also less expensive.  Brown amber glass bottles offer a more competitive price over blue and clear bottles.  We aren’t interested in spending our money (or yours) on fancy exterior packaging.  We were looking for something that was of quality and that would protect our natural beauty products, yet, we believe it’s what ‘s in the bottle that really matters and didn’t want to skimp on ingredients so we could design an expensive package.  Amber glass met all these needs they’re a large part of what allows us to offer you the best products at the most affordable price possible

A good beauty product in not so good packaging isn’t that wise of an investment after all, and worse, may actually be causing problems.  Amber glass bottles are the only real choice as we see it.  They can protect your natural skin care products offering a higher quality formula that will last longer and will simply be more effective as a result.

Plus, the fact that amber glass bottles are more eco-friendly, don’t contain harmful chemicals, cost less, and give our products that classically pure look we love doesn’t hurt either!


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