Mar 7th, 2013

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Could Your Beauty Products Be Causing Chronic Inflammation?

My extremely sensitive skin was the primary reason I selected a career in Beauty over 25 years ago. Having always been prone to redness, breakouts and inflammation, which often led to scarring, I needed an alternative to over the counter remedies, which only exacerbated such challenges.

Thanks to my grandmothers inspiration to utilize botanical remedies I have been able to resolve my personal skin challenges, then made helping others my primary focus. Unchronic inflammatino can feel like it's burning firefortunately, over the past decade I have observed an overwhelming increase in skin sensitivities ranging from redness, rosacea, pigment, and intolerance to certain skincare products. The cause of this is clearly both environmental, yet also a result of toxic and irritating beauty ingredients.

The majority of consumers are unaware that some of the most commonly used skincare ingredients are also considered allergens and, as a result, responsible, for  many cases of chronic dermatitis and inflammation. Synthetic preservatives, alcohols, glycol’s, phthalates (fragrance), formaldehyde donors, sunscreen ingredients, and more are just a few of the common culprits found to irritate skin; often even causing a burning sensation upon application especially when used on sensitive skin.

Not only that, the loose standards in place with regards to labeling a beauty product “natural” are misleading at best.  Unfortunately, for many of us with sensitive skin we, understandably, assume natural is surely the way to go.  But, with the lack of labeling standards in the beauty industry, even with “natural” on the label we still may end up with beauty products containing these harsh ingredients that will negatively affect our skin.

With chronic inflammation being one of the leading cause of accelerated aging and a variety of skin conditions, it’s high time there were products out there to help; and do so in a truly natural way.

Sevani is here to do just this.  We meticulously select our ingredients to create a synergy of potent antioxidants along with carefully researched anti-inflammatory botanicals to prevent accelerated aging while also soothing even the most sensitive of skin types.

The Sevani Secret is a special blend of plant based nutrients and Ayurvedic botanicals along with cutting-edge cosmeceuticals to soothe, nourish and transform your skin in the safest way possible. It’s not just safe skincare, it’s responsible skincare. Positively pure, positively effective, yet positively gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types.

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Sheryl Gibbs, Sevani Founder

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