Aug 3rd, 2022

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Questionably Cruelty Free Beauty Products | What is Your Money Really Supporting?

mouse in cage animal testingAnimal rights is an issue near and dear to my heart.  In fact, since we began Sevani has given back monthly to non profits like animal sanctuaries and animal shelters that love, respect, and care for all types of animals, freeing them from some very inhumane situations, including having chemicals tested on them.

My love for animals is also why Sevani formulas could only ever be Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free.

In my overall lifestyle I seek out cruelty free products as well for the same reasons. Unfortunately, over the last few years I’ve watched as some of my favorite personal care product brands are bought up by larger corporations.  Their packaging generally remains the same, except, in the fine print on the label (if you’re lucky) it now says “Manufactured for So and So, a Division of Blah Blah Corp.”!

While written in tiny lettering (Or often not mentioned at all) this is actually a big change you should be concerned about.  The company you’re now giving your money to isn’t the same as it was before – at all.  And while the items may say that same brand name, and tout the same cruelty free ingredients is it really that cruelty free now?

You see, not only does this mega corp now own your favorite mom and pop cruelty free brand, they also own other brands.  Brands that are anything but friendly to animals.

It’s my opinion that these formerly animal friendly products are now no longer cruelty free either.

While this individual brand may not use animal ingredients or test on animals, and may even be certified cruelty free, their parent company (in essence, Their Company) is a part of a conglomeration of brands – some of whom DO test on animals.  By association then this cruelty free company isn’t so cruelty free anymore and neither are their products.

hand holding moneyI, as well as many friends, family members, clients, and customers are very interested in making sure our money never funds animal testing of any kind.  If I buy products made by these formerly small companies now owned by this large corporation that owns a variety of brands; some of which do test on animals, I AM FUNDING ANIMAL TESTING.

The money all goes into the same pot eventually –  And I don’t want my money going to any company, no matter how much I enjoy their toothpaste, hair rinse, or tea, that associates or does business with any other entities that harm animals in any way.

Do you feel the same way?  Then take a minute and search out who really owns your favorite “natural beauty brands”.  Often it’ll be just who you thought – but sadly, many other times, it’ll end up being some other entity entirely.  In these situations, it means your hard earned money will be supporting practices, like animal testing, that you don’t agree with.

Once you know all the incestuous relationships out there among natural and green brands and their corporate counterparts, you can be sure your money is going to all the hard working folks, like those of us here at Sevani : ), who are trying to do good work, in good ways.  So get out there and find out who owns what so you can spend your money wisely and be sure your products are truly cruelty free.