Feb 28th, 2013

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DIY Vegan Hand Treatment Made with Organic Cocoa and Bananas

DIY Veagn Hand Treatment RecipeWhere would we be without our hands?  They do so much for us and, all to often, we forget the special attention they need as a result; especially during the winter.

With their constant exposure to water and dry air as well as temperature changes, harsh chemicals, and more depending on our work environment, hands can become dry quickly and show our age much more than our face.  To help, we created this special DIY hand treatment that you can make right in your own home out of all natural ingredients you likely already have in your cupboard or can easily pick up at the store including organic cocoa and bananas – YUM!

Organic cocoa and fresh ripe organic bananas aren’t just tasty to eat they have a lot to offer your skin.  Bananas are a fantastic source of Vitamins A, B6, and E as well as manganese; a powerful anti-oxidant.  Adding cocoa and olive oil to this DIY natural beauty recipe brings your skin even more anti oxidants, and, they’ve both been shown to help protect skin from exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays as well.

Adding agave nectar then brings anti aging properties, anti microbial properties, and has been used for centuries even by tribes like  the Aztecs for wound healing and overall skin health.  Organic oats finishes off this DIY skin care remedy and brings exfoliation as well as moisture to sooth the often dry skin on your hands.

With the dual antioxidant power of the organic cocoa and bananas, this is a DIY recipe with a focus on fighting free radicals and repairing damaged skin; just what your battle weary hands need.  When you’re done, your dry chapped hands will be soft and supple for days!

Note – Use this DIY hand treatment and scrub recipe at least twice weekly for best results.

2t organic cocoa powder
1 ripe banana mashed
2T olive oil
2T agave nectar
3 T ground oats


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly.  Apply to hands massaging gently into your skin and cuticles.  Allow mixture to set for at least 15-20 min.  The longer you can leave the treatment on the better in fact so the natural skin care ingredients in this DIY hand masque can really do their jobs.  Then,  wash off with luke warm water, and gently towel dry.  Follow with your favorite non toxic moisturizer to seal in the benefits of this special treat you’ve just given your hard working hands.


If you’ve got particularly stubborn dry patches, or difficult cuticles, try using a bit of our Serum Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil in these areas.  It can heal almost instantly and will get moisture and amazing skin care ingredients directly to the places that need them most to get rid of dry skin today and protect you from getting more in the future.