Aug 24th, 2010

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Sevani 100% Organic Argan Oil – for Hair, Skin and Body

Sevani Moroccan Argan Oil
USDA Certified Organic
2 fl oz.
Unlike many Moroccan Argan oils on the market, Sevani Argan contains no synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals or preservatives.
The dimethicones, etc. found in many Argan hair and skin products are often considered drying and unhealthy for the hair and skin.

Sevani Moroccan Argan Oil: Sevani Argan Oil is USDA Certified Organic. Our luxurious oil contains no chemical additives, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Argan Oil contains Linoleic fatty acids, and essential nutrients rendering it an essential anti-aging oil for total skin & body. It has been scientifically proven that argan oil may correct the age related deficiencies in skin that cause dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. It is found to contain 700 mg per kilogram of tocopherols (Vit. E). As a natural antioxidant Argan oil can stimulate intracellular oxygenation. This helps neutralize free radicals from environmental stress and protect.

Benefits & Uses for Sevani Argan Oil: (Sevani moisturizers & serums contain this luxury oil)

*Anti-Aging: Argan oil helps in reducing the wrinkles and hydrating the skin. Argan oil has been said to increase the elastin and collagen of the skin producing tighter more firm skin. Benefits of Argan oil for skin also include regeneration of skin cells that prevent early skin aging due to environmental stressors.

*Inflammation, Rosacea & Acne: Argan oil has a sebum regulating action on oily and acneic skin types to reduce oiliness. Argan oil also reduces irritation and inflammation so is an exceptional oil for rosacea, sensitive skin, scarring and blemishes.

*Eyes: De-hydrated, dry skin under-eyes will benefit by applying Argan oil prior to serum and moisturizer application daily.

*Nails: Daily application of Argan oil may promote healthier less brittle nails. Simply massage into cuticle and nailed daily.

*Hair: Say good-bye to frizzy hair with just a few drops of Argan oil applied to hair daily. Prevent split ends and restore your hairs luster with this specialty oil. Argan oil also provides a remarkable shine to dull hair. Improves hair damage due to heat styling, chlorine and sun exposure. Also reduces breakage.

*Body: Benefits of Argan oil are not only limited to skin, hair and nails, but also to the the body. Argan oil is said to provide relief from painful conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Argan is useful for massage and as an after shower moisturizer to infuse the body with the vitamins and minerals.

**Sevani Moroccan Argan oil is free from additives, synthetic ingredients and is 100% certified organic.

  1. This is the best moroccan argan hair and skin oil I ever used, it does not have that residue, coating, like others do. My hair was getting dry and i learned it was from the dimethicones and chemicals in the brand names. Thank you Sevani for this pure oil, my cuticles and dry heels are much healthier too! So concentrated a little goes a long way!

    • I was given this product as a gift bcseuae my hair was so dry and frizzy. The oil is too heavy for my hair I have curly hair and it’s thin but looks thick bcseuae there is so much of it. BUT I researched Argan Oil and it’s supposed to be good for the skin so I replaced my usual skin moisturizer with this One N Only and I love it, LOVE IT on my face. No clogging the pores, keeps my face soft and moisturized all day!

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