Apr 19th, 2011

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Earth Day 2011 Is Friday April 22nd, Celebrate By Giving Back To Nature

earth-day-globeEarth Day 2011 is this Friday, April 22nd.  Each Earth Day I try to encourage friends and family to do something that gives back to nature.  Whether its planting a tree, picking up litter, helping with trail maintenance at your local land preserve, or even making a donation to the eco conscious cause of your choice, Earth Day is a 24 hr period set aside to honor and give back to our Great Mother.

On Friday my hubby and I will be planting a tree in our garden to remind us all year long to think about how our decisions affect not only us humans but, the earth as a whole.

We make Earth Day last all year long at Sevani too by being sure to keep our skin care products earth, human and animal friendly, as well as by making donations to non-profit organizations, both local and national, that work hard to protect our precious planet.

Whatever you do, do something this Earth Day to plant a seed that will grow and protect this amazing place we call home all year long.

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