Aug 12th, 2011

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Green Tea, White Tea, And Red Tea – All Offer A Rainbow Of Benefits For Your Skin

Green Tea tea leaves in a cupGreen Tea, White Tea, and Red Tea (also known as Roobios); these teas have colorful names, are great to drink, and, all three have a wide variety of benefits for your skin as well as your whole body.  Not only that, all this power is packed by Mother Nature into tiny little tea leaves!


It’s truly amazing actually and, even more amazing is how long green tea, white tea, and red tea have been used by eastern medicines and traditions as remedies for many different ailments!  We’re just catching on over here in the east 4,000+ years later!


Better late than never though right!


And now, because we are embracing these teas here in the US you can reap all of the benefits they can offer you including natural sun protection, anti aging properties and more!


Green Tea

Green Tea extract is a rich source of anti oxidants, including  Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  These anti oxidants work hard to help remove toxins and help rejuvenate skin cells.  Not only that, they provide anti inflammatory properties as well and work to slow many signs of aging.  It has also been well documented that Green tea can help protect cells from oxidative stress damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun.


You can find green tea in skin care products like Sevani’s Ageless Radiance AHA Cleanser.  Actually, green and red tea combine in this creamy cleanser to help make it powerful yet gentle; gentle enough even for those with Rosacea.


White Tea

White tea originated in China and it’s use dates back to 700-900AD.  It is another type of tea that has a wide variety of benefits for the skin and the body as a whole.  Like green tea one of white tea’s major benefits is it’s ability to protect skin cells from the harsh rays of the sun  It has been found to have these properties and others as a result of it’s high level of “catechins”.


White tea is also known to have a high concentration of anti oxidants that provide antibacterial properties and immune system support; both of which are beneficial to the skin. Anti oxidants are also known to protect skin from aging, help combat acne and, even out the complexion.


Red Tea (Roobois)

Red tea comes from Africa and has been known under several different names including Roobois tea and Bush Tea.  It too contains a high amount of anti oxidants along with healthy amounts of iron, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin C   These ingredients provide Red tea with major anti aging properties and the ability to help skin combat free radical damage.


Red tea also contains natural alpha hydroxy acids which allows it to help  exfoliate and renew skin texture. You can enjoy all of Red tea’s benefits in Sevani’s Ageless Radiance cleanser as well as many of their other products due all of these fantastic benefits this ingredient offers the skin.


Not only are each of these teas great on their own, Sevani natural skin care products contain a “special blend” containing red tea (roobois) and green tea.  Combining teas together as well as bringing them together with other anti aging botanicals gives Sevani’s products a unique synergy that offers some of the most effective skin care for anti aging, yet is still gentle enough to be used by those with delicate or sensitive skin.


If you’d like more information on Green, White or Red tea and how they can help your skin – or if you have any other skin care questions, you can always email to schedule a free skin care consultation with our licensed aesthetician!