Oct 13th, 2011

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Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Care: A Super Natural Oil for Super Natural Beauty

argan oil skin careOne of our favorite natural skin care ingredients here at Sevani is Moroccan Argan Oil.

Ok – well, actually – we’re passionate about all of the natural skin care ingredients we use in our formulations, but, we seem to have put Argan oil in nearly all of our products – we even sell pure organic argan oil!

You see, Argan oil has so many different beneficial properties and is so gentle, it can help nearly any skin type and can be used on pretty much any part of your body from your hair to the soles of your feet!

Here’s just some of what Argan oil skin care can offer you:

High amounts of Natural Vitamin A and E
Essential Fatty Acids

There’s tons more too.  In fact, Moroccan Argan oil has been used for centuries to treat skin issues very successfully.

This rich oil stimulates skin cells, reduces premature aging, hydrates the skin and reduces stretch marks and scars. Also has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent age spots and scarring; and So Much More!    Argan oil skin care products are ideal for all skin types.  Additionally we offer a 100% certified organic Argan oil for hair, body and face.

As we said, you can find Argan oil in almost all of our natural skin care products so you can easily reap all the benefits of this amazing, therapeutic oil.

  1. Thanks for this info on argan oil skin care. I had heard about argan oil but I was looking for more information about its use and benefits. Thanks for taking the time to post just what I needed : )

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