Dec 28th, 2011

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What Are Peptides And How Can They Create Firmer, Younger Looking Skin?

Everyone wants their skin to stay firm, smooth and youthful looking for as long as possible.  But, skin sagging is a challenge that all of us will face eventually.

As we age, our skin is depleted of collagen and elastin resulting in wrinkled and loose skin. Non-surgical options are limited to skin care procedures and products, but, what really works?

Studies show that one secret possibility is a newer family of ingredients known as “peptides.”

Which brings us to our first question – What are peptides?

Basically, peptides are chains of amino acids that are less than 50 acids long.  Amino acid chains more than 50 are considered to be proteins. So basically, peptides are portions of proteins.

There are 20 peptides known to be already present in the human body. All of these direct body cells in specific manners depending on the specific type of peptide it is….which brings us to our second question  – How can Peptides create firmer, younger looking skin?

When peptides are used in skin care products like Sevani, the ones selected direct skin cells to behave certain ways such as producing more collagen for example – which will then serve to thicken, firm and tighten skin.

When peptide skin care products are used they should be applied on the neck, jowls and nasal labial folds where most of the sagging on our faces occurs.  Peptides can be helpful around the eyes and forehead as well to help prevent and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Another reason peptides are so effective when incorporated into skin care products is that our body already produces peptides naturally.  However, as we age our body produces less and less until its unable to produce peptides itself at all.

Also, peptides have a small molecule which makes them able to penetrate skin cells more easily for even better results.

One additional piece of important info: When selecting skin care products for their use of peptides be sure to remember one very important thing – These ingredients are very expensive resulting in more costly (yet often incredibly effective) facial products. If you come across inexpensive peptide skin care products –  you may not be getting high enough percentages for the ingredients to have enough power to be truly effective.