Feb 10th, 2012

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Sevani’s ECOCERT Organic Preservative Offers MORE Than The Others

ECOCERT preservative from radishes Leucidal in SevaniSevani is a 100% natural beauty product line and as such, even our preservative is natural.  Many other formulations that claim to be natural or organic don’t in fact use naturally derived preservatives at all.  Instead, preservatives, while essential in beauty formulations, seem to be one of those “exceptions” when it comes to natural beauty products.  To us though, there are no exceptions!  Sevani is totally natural, all the way down to our ECOCERT Organic preservative!


Leucidal (Leuconostoc) is an ECOCERT organic preservative from radish root ferment filtrate that inhibits bacteria, mold, and all the other nasties that are known to find their way into skin care products.  Not only that though, radish root ferment filrate is also a natural peptide for soft, smooth and radiant skin which also inhibits the aging process AND contains natural Salicylic Acid too!


Salicylic Acid is really fantastic for the skin.  It has the capacity for deep pore penetration which makes it an excellent choice for fighting acne.  When the dead skin and debris attempt to plug the delicate pores of your skin, blackheads, whiteheads and acne eruptions result.  Salicylic Acid helps flush out these impurities and keeps your pores clean and acne FREE.

It also gently exfoliates the skin which keeps the dead skin out of your pores in the first place.  This helps break the cycle of acne and instead, replaces it with a clean, clear complexion.  Not only that, Salicylic Acid has also been found to help reduce and even eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and helps smooth the skin to support a youthful glow.

Because we of course include our ECOCERT Organic preservative Leucidal in most of our emulsions, you’ll reap all of these wonderful benefits daily to prevent and renew with Sevani natural beauty products!  The ability to refine skin texture, inhibit acne causing bacteria, and minimize redness, rosacea and discoloration – all in an ECOCERT organic preservative, not too mention the other incredible ingredients!

See how fabulous truly natural skin care can be.  Ditch the chemical preservatives and enjoy the positively pure positively powerful natural beauty possible from Sevani.   Sevani is considered a “champion” and “innovator” on the Environmental Working Groups Database for Safe Cosmetics, confirming our commitment to non toxic beauty!

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