Feb 18th, 2012

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Super Organic Beauty Smoothie Recipe for Glowing Skin

Organic Smoothie Recipe for Organic BeautyCaring for your skin is best done in a holistic way.  Yes, you can just use products like so many believe but really, truly healthy skin comes from a healthy lifestyle.  Natural beauty products are part of this lifestyle but only a part.


One of the other pieces of  a glowing, clear skin is your diet.   Fresh, organic fruits and veggies are an Absolute MUST, but most of us don’t enjoy near enough of these vitamin and nutrient rich goodies.  What to do?  Well, some go for the supplements, which can be helpful, but, I prefer the Real McCoy.  Fresh fruits and veggies have all the nutrients in the right balance to help them be more easily absorbed than supplements but not only that, only fresh foods contain the life force necessary for continued health and wellness.


So, to make it easier for everyone to get all the fresh organic food they need to look and feel their best, I put together this fabulous (and amazingly tasty) Super Beauty Smoothie Recipe.  This baby is packed FULL of goodness that will help your skin look amazing from the inside out.  Try it out and see for yourself just how yummy natural beauty can be!


Super Organic Beauty Smoothie Ingredients

Kale – provides large doses of iron and vitamins

Hemp Powder/Vanilla – Good source of protein and  nutrients

Whey Powder – Another protein source which is essential for healthy youthful skin

Blueberries  – An excellent source of antioxidants, get the low bush variety whenever possible as they’re tiny but they have the most to offer nutritionally

Acai Powder  – High in Vitamin C content and Omega Fatty Acids too

Chia Seed – Loaded with Omegas and additional vitamins and Minerals

Coconut Water,  water (less calories) OR Juice  (only if free of high fructose syrup and organic!) – coconut water has good fats and oils that are highly beneficial for the skin.


The amounts of these ingredients used will vary depending on the size of your smoothie as well as your flavor preferences.  But any way you shake it, this organic beauty smoothie recipe will fill you with easily accessible vitamins, nutrients, and more that will help your skin look amazing from the inside out!




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