Mar 9th, 2012

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Repurposing Sevani Glass Bottles – Its Fun, Free and Eco Friendly!

When I was formulating Sevani natural beauty products, I just knew I’d package my creations in amber glass bottles  I didn’t want to work so hard to create pure, natural, effective skin care products only to end up packaging them in containers with the potential to leach chemicals into them!  Instead, the dark amber glass protects the bioactive ingredients and the overall quality of Sevani formulations.

One of the other reasons I chose to use glass was because its a more eco friendly form of packaging.  Glass is recyclable most places in the US at this point so folks can easily get their Sevani bottles to the recycling center.  And, they’re reusable too!

Once you’ve used up the luscious beauty products inside these bottles, you can repurpose Sevani’s glass bottles in a variety of different ways.  Here are some examples…

Soap Dispenser

The products that come with a pump dispenser, like our Ageless Radiance Refining AHA Cleanser, can be repurposed into soap dispensers.  Buying bulk hand soap, dish soap, or body wash  is much cheaper and many brands you can find you can stretch further by diluting with water.  Our glass bottles can be easily repurposed to hold these soaps and dispense them as needed while looking fabulous!

Natural Air Freshener Spray

Repurpose our glass bottles with spray nozzles, like those that hold our Rose Hyaluronic Age Defying Tonique, as the perfect bottle for your natural air fresheners.

Wondering how to make a natural air freshener?  Simply clean out your old Sevani bottle, fill it with fresh water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil , and that’s it!  Mist into the air as needed, or spray lightly  onto upholstry and linens to freshen them up too.

Best of all because our spray bottles are on the small side, they not only work well for the home, they make it easy to carry your natural air freshener into the car or even in your purse so its there whenever you need it!

A Lovely Bud Vase

In my opinion one can never have enough flowers!  But, you’ve got to have somewhere to put them!  Now you can repurpose your Sevani glass bottles into new bud vases!  Its all the rage in design right now to have a variety of sizes of small glass vases that can hold just one or two flowers – this is a perfect way to reuse all of the bottles that come in our skin care systems!

There are so many other ways to creatively repurpose Sevani glass bottle too.  What’s your favorite way to reuse Sevani packaging?  Leave a comment, and if you can, a photo!