Mar 16th, 2012

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Daily Meditation Can Provide Many Skin Care Benefits Naturally

sevani buddahMeditation is getting a lot of press lately but its an ancient practice.  Scientists are finding they’re style of proof though that daily meditation can provide you with MANY benefits including:

Reducing Stress

Increasing Energy

Helping You Sleep Better

Raising Your Personal Awareness

Improving Circulation

Supporting a Healthy Immune System

Improving Mood

All of these benefits affect your skin as well!  Those who are under less stress, sleep better, and are healthy overall have better looking skin.  There are less fine lines and wrinkles, less dark circles and saggy under eye bags, less acne, and a glow only possible from truly healthy skin.  Its just that simple and meditation is a great way to get there!

Meditation doesn’t just support good physical health though, it also supports good spiritual health.  Notice  how much more alive and beautiful you feel when you’re happy, or, think about how even a normally physically beautiful person looks when they’re angry or mean spirited; not so pretty right?  Yep.  What’s on the inside shows on the outside.  Whether it’s a poor diet or a belly full of negativity, your skin will SURELY show it!

One of the neatest things about meditation though is that it can help all of us busy, stressed out folks going a mile a minute to be healthy and happy in as little as 15 minutes a day!

While meditation may not be a treatment in and of itself, when you add it to a lifestyle regimen that includes eating well,  staying properly hydrated, using high quality organic beauty products, and getting regular exercise you’ll see that meditation is an important part of the holistic lifestyle and it will benefit your entire body, including your skin!



  1. Its true
    I suffer from anxiety attacks which manifest
    In my sleep draining me and making me look
    Tired. My allergies flare up and I lose hair . I meditate
    Regularly and once I got into it regularly
    I found all have improved I sleep better my skin looks
    Healthy and my allergies have been reduced
    I only do 10 min daily but I’ll increase it as I find
    It works

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