Jun 8th, 2012

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Olive Squalane – It’s Cruelty Free and Offers Numerous Benefits!

Sevani beauty products are totally vegan and as such we use NO animal ingredients in our products.  One of the many commonly used skin care ingredients we needed to be sure to find a substitute for is squalene or squalane.

You see, the squalene in many non vegan products actually comes from shark livers.  Because sharks do not have a swim bladder, they use fats and oils, which are lighter than water, to reduce their body density. One of these oils is Squalene and this particular oil is stored mostly in the shark’s liver.

We can find squalane in other forms though that are vegan, and considerate of our animal friends…. Yet, are vegan sources just as effective?  Let’s take a closer look.

Sevani cruelty free olive squalane

What is Squalane/Squalene Anyway?

Squalene oil is so highly prized because it is also produced in and on human skin as a natural moisturizer.   Increasing the amount of this wonderful oil on your skin has many benefits, particularly with regard to preventing accelerated aging.  And, with all these skin enhancing qualities, it’s not surprising that squalane is a common ingredient in moisturizers and other skin care products.

So Squalane is Essential, But, Where Can Vegans Get It?

Well, lucky for all of us vegans and animal lovers there’s Olive Squalane!

Olive squalene is a natural, vegan alternative to squalene from sharks that’s harvested from….olives. In addition to being wonderful for cooking, this olive derivative is excellent for adding moisture to your skin and hair for many reasons, including the fact that its a fantastic sourse of squalene.  It also has a long shelf life and, can be taken orally to help fight free radicals and support healthy skin from the inside out. In addition it is useful for preventing age spots, minimizing wrinkles and much more more!  You can find this precious ingredient in our serum vitale, ageless eye serum,  our facial cremes, and well, much Sevani!

Best of all, no sharks need to be harmed to get all these benefits!

And Yes – we feel that olive squalane is just as beneficial as the squalene harvested from sharks; even more so actually because no animals were harmed to make it!

As you know, since we make vegan skin care products, Sevani only contains olive squalane.  Of course we can’t verify what anyone else is doing, so be sure to review companies and other products thoroughly to be certain you’re not harming sharks for your beauty.


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