Jul 5th, 2012

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Natural Fruit Acids | Another Skin Care Remedy Direct From Nature’s Bounty

fruit salad We know fruit should be a large part of our diet and has many benefits for us internally but, did you know fruit offers a lot to our skin too?  Used topically fruits and the natural acids they produce offer so many different benefits for the skin they’re basically essential!  Of course we like to make it easy for customers to enjoy the benefits of these amazing natural ingredients no matter the skin type – so we made them part of many of  Sevani’s natural skin care formulations!


Fruit acids are also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids or “AHA’s”.  In some cases AHA’s are synthetic, but rest assured our natural fruit aha’s come from the fruits themselves. The most effective of the naturally occurring fruit acids consists of lemon and orange (citric acid), bilberry, sugar maple and sugar cane (glycolic).


Natural glycolic acid,  derived from sugar cane, has the smallest molecular structure of the fruit acids rendering it the most effective for collagen production.  The citric acids from lemons and oranges are wonderful exfoliators and ideal for pigment, age spots and acne, then bilberry offers skin brightening and antioxidant benefits.  These amazing ingredients all combine to form the natural AHAs we use in products like our Ageless Radiance Refining AHA Cleanser.  And, best of all, because they’re from natural sources, the fruit acids in Sevani Botanica formulations can be used on any skin type!


Here’s more specific info on some of the ways natural fruit acids can support healthy, radiant skin:


Anti Aging

As we age skin cells do not turn over as rapidly as they do when we’re younger.  This is often the culprit behind a more sluggish, dull appearance to the skin, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.   Using naturally occurring fruit acids though can help speed back up this process of dissolving and turning over newer healthier cells to help skin look more youthful and glowing.  Yes, glowing.

Even Tone

Natural fruit acids are also known for helping to even out the skins color and pigmentation.  They can help reduce the appearance of age spots, scars & more for a complexion that’s clear and a much more even skin tone.

Skin Firming

It has also been discovered that fruit acids can often stimulate the skin’s production of collagen and elastin.  This is important because again, as we age, these very important components of our skin are produced less and result in sagging baggy skin, and…wrinkles.  By using products like Sevani Botanica that contain natural fruit acids you can help you skin stay firmer and younger looking longer.

Reduce Acne

The ability of fruit acids to help dissolve and turn over new skin cells also makes it a great ingredient for reducing acne and blemishes.  One of the main culprits of acne is dead skin cells staying on the skin, infecting pores, and causing blemishes and blackheads.  With the help of natural fruit acids you can help your skin get rid of these acne producing old skin cells and clear up your complexion without the use of harsh toxic chemicals.


You’ll find other great reasons to love fruit acids too, like their lovely, natural aroma for example.  Don’t take our word for it though.  Grab some of our non toxic, totally vegan beauty products and try them out for yourself!  We think you’ll enjoy the benefits of natural AHAs (along with all our other  ingredients) as much as we do!