Jul 23rd, 2012

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Shining the Spotlight on Two Wonderful Animal Sanctuaries Through Sevani

brown horse named Freedom who lives at the Catskills Animal SanctuaryAs the owner and formulator of Sevani Botanica and a practicing Holistic Aesthetician, I don’t have much time for a vacation. I usually spend my time in treatments with clients and customers, running workshops, and on, and on, and on.  But, this summer has been hot here on the east coast and I needed to get out and away, but also do something I am passionate about.

I didn’t want to go far but felt some unexplainable cosmic need to get out of the state.  So I headed for the Catskills in New York.  Just a few hours drive and I was away from the city and in a very beautiful place where I could get back to nature and find some peace.  I enjoyed a lot of things that weekend including taking some amazing hikes, visiting an Ayurveda spa along with two local animal sanctuaries.

Yes, the ideal vacation for me involves visiting wonderful animal sanctuaries.  It’s not how everyone spends their time off, but, I do love animals and enjoy supporting them however possible; including making donations to worthy animal welfare organizations with my personal funds as well as sales of Sevani.  Visiting these sanctuaries gave me an opportunity to see up front the type of work these specific organizations do and, of course, to be with the animals!

The first place we went was the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.  CAS is a 100 + acre facility dedicated to being a “haven for horses and farm animals rescued from cruelty and neglect.”  They provide emergency rescue services to animals in need, educational services to the public, and even vegan cooking classes!   The Catskill Animal Sanctuary and the staff there were absolutely fantastic.  They had such passion for the cause and were so loving with the animals it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit their facility.

Next we were on to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.  Another non profit that helps mis-treated farm animals, Woodstock Farm is the work of Jenny Brown and Doug Abel.  They have built a safe haven where many different animals can live out their lives in peace; an often stark contrast to what they were experiencing.  Like CAS, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary offers tours to the puWoodstock Farms Animal Sanctuary view of farm and mountainblic so they can meet and greet these lovely beings in a more natural state as well as the opportunity to stay at the farm in their guest house.  Jenny has written a book too titled “The Lucky Ones; My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals” that can be bought at the sanctuary, online at their site, and pretty much everywhere else books are sold!  It will be available 8/2/12 and a portion of the proceeds will benefit WFAS.

Upon seeing and experiencing both of these facilities, I knew they were places Sevani was meant to support, and so, we made donations to each, and plan to do so again.   We encourage you to support these wonderful organizations too.  Both websites linked in this post will give you information on how you can best support the sanctuaries mentioned here.

And remember, these are just 2 examples of the MANY organizations working world wide to support all kinds of animals in need.  You might consider doing a bit of research and finding a non profit animal welfare organization that resonates with you that you can support with donations of time, money, supplies and whatever else they may need.

Best of all, you can always support animals of all kinds by purchasing Sevani natural beauty products!  It has always been my dream to be able to fund an animal sanctuary of my own.  Until then, sales of Sevani will help support those who are currently working to help animals locally, nationally, and internationally as long as there are animals in need.



  1. Hi there!

    I wish I could find your name somewhere so that I could thnak you more personally! Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit, and to write about your experience about CAS. I invite you back anytime you’re in the region, and would be happy to give you a personal tour. Best of luck with your WONDERFUL business, and thanks again!

    Kathy Stevens Founder/Director, CAS

    You might also like to know that I’ve also written two critically/commercially acclaimed books about the work of CAS and the animals who’ve changed my life!! One is Where the Blind Horse Sings; the other is Animal Camp: Lessons in Love and Hope from Rescued Farm Animals. I’d be happy to send you copies!)

    Warm wishes again.

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