Jul 27th, 2012

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Yoga for Beauty | 3 Anti Aging Asanas

Yoga offers many benefits for mind, spirit, and body.  Engaging in regular yoga practice is something many do daily; and finally science has been “proving” this is a good thing!  Adding yoga into your life is known for helping people find “inner peace” and “reduce stress” but most don’t necessarily “recommend” yoga for great skin.

I do!

The benefits yoga offers affect your entire being; including your skin.  The reduced level of stress yoga practitioners experience is a better anti aging remedy than any cream alone. And, the increased oxygenation of your blood from the deep breathing done with yoga as well as the increased circulation overall helps remove toxins and gives skin a beautiful color and radiance that only comes from a healthy body and mind.

In fact, I feel yoga is so beneficial to the skin I figured it would be helpful to post some asanas (or poses) to help get you started.

Please be sure to warm up first and as always, talk to your doctor or health care practitioner before beginning any exercise regimen.



Child's Pose Yoga Asanas for Beauty


Balasana/Child’s Pose

The Child’s Pose, or Balasana is an easy, restful pose.  You can hold it for 1 – 3 minutes while you concentrate on your breathing and relax your entire body.  Your peaceful state during these moments will bring peace to your entire day and radiance to your skin.




Downward Facing Dog yoga asana for beauty


Adho Mukha Svanasana / Downward Facing Dog

 The Downward Facing Dog pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana is one that’s easy, stretches the entire body, and is probably the most well known yoga asana around.  It’s ideal for beauty because your body is inverted which increases the blood flow down to your face, neck, and hands promoting a healthy, youthful glow.





yoga poses for beauty


Uttanasana / Standing Forward Bend

This pose is excellent for stress release and more.  Your body is again inverted during Uttanasana/Standing Forward Bend which increases circulation and blood flow to your brain while you stretch your entire body releasing toxins and trapped energy and decreasing stress.  This will help keep your complexion clear and promotes other anti aging benefits too.



All images of yoga asanas posted here are from YogaJournal.com, they also have instructions for each of these poses- and tons more!




Yoga is simply wonderful for the whole body and if you’ve ever met anyone that practices yoga regularly you can’t deny,  they look amazing.

Once you incorporate yoga into your regular lifestyle, you’ll see what I  mean.  The way you’ll feel and the overall improvement you’ll see in your skin and your entire body will floor you and, like so many others, you’ll be hooked on yoga for life.

And don’t forget, after you purify your body with yoga there’s no reason to contaminate it with your personal care products.  Instead, help your body stay free of toxins by using totally natural beauty products like Sevani.

We offer a full line of completely non-toxic yet highly effective professional skin care systems that you and your skin will love; just as much if not more than yoga!  See what we mean and visit our website where you can read more about our ingredients, philosophy, experience, and more!






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