Sep 1st, 2012

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10 Common Beauty Ingredients We Refuse to Use and Why

amber glass bottle with skull and cross bonesDid you know there are actually a wide variety of potentially toxic chemicals that are used every day in beauty products for hair, skin, and body?

There are actually over 80,000 chemicals on the market today but nearly 20% of them are kept secret and off of product labels according to the Environmental Working Group.  All the while diseases of the skin as well as allergies are on the rise, and have increased dramatically during the past few decades.  Avoiding these toxic ingredients is one of the ways to promote a safer lifestyle and protect the planet; not to mention maintain healthy, beautiful skin!

Here’s a list of 10 of the ingredients many beauty product manufacturers utilize but that many wellness experts, including those of us here at Sevani, feel you should avoid for the health of yourself, your skin, and the earth.


Propylene and Butylene Glycols

Common in many beauty and personal care products Propylene and Butylene Glycols are also found in antifreeze.


Also called various types of Ureas on labels- this controversial ingredient is used as a preservative.  But, they’re also considered a carcinogen, and, they accumulate in the body.

Petroleum Distillates – Mineral Oil

Petroleum Distillates, also known as Mineral Oil is known to clog the pores; which no one needs.  And, its also not biodegradable; which means it’s bad for the planet too.

Diethanolamine & Triethanolamine (DEA &TEA)

Not only are diethanolamine and triethanolamine (DEA and TEA) themselves problematic, when they mix with other chemicals often used in beauty products, they can create nitrosamines during the formulation and storage process.  Nitrosamines are carcinogens.

Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates – SLS

SLS’s are a common ingredient found in cleansers.  They’re irritating and highly allergenic; one of the most common skin allergens in beauty products.


Used as a preservative, Parabens are very problematic beauty ingredients.  Parabens have been linked to breast cancer and mimic estrogen.


Phthalates are now known to be highly toxic, hormone disruptors that can be irritating to the skin, yet are still often found in perfumes, colognes and other types of fragrances

Cocamide, Myristimide(s)

These ingredients are commonly used as emulsifiers and are major skin irritants.  They’re also considered toxic.


If the product doesn’t use parabens, it most likely uses Phenoxyethanol; a chemical preservative.  Phenoxyethanol has been banned in the EU but is still used in the US and elsewhere, even in some brands that claim to be “natural” – Phenoxyethanol is anything but natural though.

Synthethic Fragrances

Synthetic Fragrances can be made of all kinds of suspect chemicals, all of which don’t have to be on the label.  Fragrances are responsible for a variety of issues including skin sensitivity, headaches, and skin irritations.


Please remember, this is a very incomplete list.  Unfortunately, we could never include all those chemicals commonly found in beauty products that you should avoid.  Some other highly controversial and very common beauty product ingredients include Silicones, Alcohols, and Hydroquinone just to name a few.

Now, take this list and review the labels on your favorite products.  If you find any of these please consider finding a new brand that doesn’t.  Something that’s safer and totally natural, like, oh I don’t know – Sevani maybe : )

We don’t use ANY of these ingredients in our formulations – never have and never will.  At Sevani, we know the detriments of using harsh, toxic chemicals on your skin, the largest organ on your body, how they affect the environment as they’re washed down the drain, and the risks they present to your pets and children too. As a result, we have chosen to create products that get their power from natural ingredients only because we feel that’s safer, and, actually even more effective than these toxic options.

For more information on what to avoid and why you can view our Ingredients We Avoid page.  And, if you’d like to use purely natural skin care products as part of your beauty regimen, check out Sevani Botanica.  You won’t be disappointed with the safe, effective power of Mother Nature!

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