Sep 13th, 2012

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How to Enhance Your Diet with Beauty Foods that Nourish from the Inside Out

fruits and veggies at the marketEating a well balanced diet full of fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains is important, as we know, for so many reasons.  That said, there are some super foods and supplements that are known for providing unique benefits to the skin when taken internally.

Here are some of the top foods and supplements we recommend to help nourish your skin from the inside out naturally.


Kale – Kale is an anti inflammatory, full of anti oxidants and 1 serving provides 88% of our Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C!


Acai Berries – These dark little berries are a natural source of  COQ10 as well as Vitamin C, they also boast anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, full of phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and more!


Vitamin C – Vitamin C is  simply required for healthy skin!  It has been found to increase collagen production for firmer, more supple looking skin, and, is excellent for reducing inflammation as well.  As mentioned Vitamin C is abundant in veggies like kale and some berries!


Coconut Oil – Another food filled with free radical fighting anti oxidants, coconut oil has major moisturizing properties and helps reduce signs of aging by helping to smooth and firm the skin as well.


Chia Seeds - Including Chia seeds in your diet will reward you with many beauty (and health) benefits including omega 3s, Vitamin C, amino acids, and more.


Essential Fatty Acids – Foods like flax seeds and oil, hemp seeds and oil,  the chia seeds mentioned above, as well as many fishes are high in essential fatty acids.  EFAs provide a myriad of benefits for the skin including improved circulation, reduced redness, and increased hydration.  They’re an important part of our diet, especially those with eczema, and other dry skin conditions.


B Vitamins – There are several different B vitamins -many of which have benefits for your skin.  For example, B1 – Thiamine – combats free radical damage while Panthenol (B5) can help reduce redness and inflammation caused by conditions like Rosacea or skin redness.


In addition to incorporating these beauty foods and supplements into your diet, we also recommend that for optimal natural beauty you reduce or eliminate the amount of meats and high fat dairy that you eat.  These foods have been found to clog pores, increase inflammation, and more.  Avoiding them will help clear the skin and improve your health overall too.

And, as always, try to choose organic whenever possible as avoiding GMOs, pesticides, and chemicals also has benefits for your skin and your entire body.

How can you incorporate all these amazing natural beauty foods into your diet with such a busy life?  Smoothies make an excellent on the go option that you can add all of these beauty ingredients into with amazing, easily digestible, and tasty, results.




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