Dec 10th, 2012

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Proper Sleep – An Amazing, and FREE Anti Aging Remedy

Getting the proper amount of sleep each night seems to be getting harder and harder for many  of us; it’s almost as if 8 hrs of rest is somehow a luxury or something!!  Unfortunately though, without adequate sleep each night (or at least most nights), your entire body will be impacted in a negative way, including your skin.  After all, they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing!

Issues including increased acne, flare ups of skin conditions like Rosacea and eczema, accelerated aging and more will result when you get only a few hours of sleep a night.  You see, when your body is at rest it’s still working.  For example, as you sleep your brain signals your body to produce melatonin; a very important factor in remedying natural beauty sleepthe harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.  In fact, without enough melatonin, your skin will have little to no protection against the sun’s damaging rays.  On the flip side, when you sleep enough you produce the melatonin your body requires and your skin looks healthy and youthful now and for a long time to come as well.

In addition to producing melatonin, your body regenerates its cells as you sleep too, making it an amazing anti aging remedy.  But, when you miss out on good quality sleep, this cell regeneration does not occur.  As a result, your skin faces the day unarmed and will be attacked by environmental factors like temperature fluctuations, chemicals, dirt, and more and succumbing to damage that takes its toll by shortening the life of your skin.  When you head to bed at a reasonable hour and get enough rest on the other hand, your body is prepared to fight all these nasties and more – and win – leaving you with healthy, youthful looking skin.

When you sleep poorly,  your also under stress and your hormones are always raging and unstable as well causing a myriad of issues including acne, skin discoloration, and more. By sleeping, you are also giving your body time to balance itself, these hormones will be in check and you’ll look, and feel like yourself.

Lack of sleep is evident in the condition of your eyes as well.  The appearance of dark under eye circles not to mention the often puffy tired eyes are tell tale signs of a poor sleep schedule. Without the required amount of rest, your body has to work harder and this includes it’s job of circulating the blood. Since the areas surrounding your eyes are the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your face, the effects of this sleep induced poor circulation is almost immediately manifested as those always dreaded dark, puffy under eye bags.

Now that we see how important getting our beauty sleep really is, how can you improve your sleep?  On restless nights, essential oils and aroma therapy can help, as can lifestyle changes like taking up yoga yoga, getting enough exercise, eating a whole foods diet, avoiding caffeine and, when in Sevani Botanica Eye Repair Age Defying Eye Cremedoubt, a nice sleepy time tea or tincture before bed.

What can you do if you still sleep poorly?  In order to maximize the beauty sleep you do get, use beauty products with corrective properties before and after bed.  Products that provide your skin with ingredients to stimulate cellular renewal, repair skin damage, and decelerate aging naturally can be a big help to skin at any time but especially when sleep seems Ageless Eyes Eye Serumelusive.  Also, take care of your delicate under eye area by using a product like Ageless Eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum or Eye Repair Age Defying Eye Creme to help reduce dark circles, eye bags and puffiness due to inadequate sleep.

Even if you’re getting your Zzzzs though using quality natural beauty products before and after your 6-8 hours of uninterrupted rest is the best regimen for nourishing your skin.  So, head to bed at a reasonable time, and, on your way, stop off at the bathroom to wash your face and apply your non toxic skin care formulas.  Now you can rest soundly knowing your good night’s sleep and your Sevani Botanica natural beauty products are keeping your skin healthy and looking its best.