Jan 4th, 2013

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Your Eyes Are Special – Treat Them That Way With These Eye Care Tips

The eyes are special, that’s no surprise; they’re even referred to as “the window to the soul” by some.  But, did you know the skin surrounding sevani ageless eyesyour eyes is equally special?  The skin around your eyes is actually thinner and more delicate than the rest of your skin, and, as a result, it needs special care.

Many think general beauty products are fine for the entire face but, creams and serums specially formulated for this thinner, more sensitive area around your eyes are actually of great value.  One of the reasons we recommend beauty products specifically formulated eye care is because your eyes experience unique skin problems like dark circles, crows feet, and sagging that aren’t present in other areas of your body.  Even the best general moisturizers aren’t formulated to treat these issues.  But, eye creams and serums are!

With specialty ingredients meant to address these specific issues experienced only by the eye area, eye serums and creams can reduce puffiness and dark circles, slow the progress of wrinkles, and support overall healthy skin in this delicate areas.  Just be sure they’re all natural; no toxins needed in this sensitive area (or anywhere else on your skin for that matter!)

In addition to high quality natural eye care products, it’s also important to be careful when touching your eyes.  Whether you’re applying make up, an eye serum, or just feeling tired – Don’t Rub Your Eyes!!!!

Apply make up and eye care products gently with a dabbing motion around the orbital bone working inwards toward the bridge of your nose.  And, please stop rubbing your eyes!  When you pull and tug and stretch this delicate, thin skin, you can create sagging and, added wrinkles; nothing anyone wants!

As long as you’re gentle though and use natural eye care products like our Ageless Eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum, or Eye Repair Age Defying Eye Creme – both designed to treat the special delicate skin around your eyes and both made with purely natural ingredients, like Red Tea and Neem, that support healthy, beautiful, Ageless Eyes – Your eyes will shine and show the world your true natural beauty inside and out .



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