Jan 31st, 2013

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Don’t Pay For Water – Sevani Uses Organic Aloe Vera Juice Instead!

The aloe plant is simply amazing.  It aids the body internally and externally in so many ways, there’s really no other plant like it.  Aloe Vera has been found to aid in the healing of conditions like ~



Immune Support (boosts white blood cell count)


Digestive Issues like Ulcers and Heartburn

aloe plant

Aloe Vera is also a fantastic vegan source of a wide variety of essential nutritional elements including ~


Essential Fatty Acids

Amino Acids




Vitamins A

Vitamin B12

Vitamin E

Germanium – A mineral that boosts the immune system, reduces pain, supports the cardiovascular system and supports eye and skin health


When used topically, aloe vera ~

Reduces Redness

Decreases Inflammation

Promotes the Growth of Healthy New Skin Cells

Remedy for Burns

Soothes Dry Skin, even Eczema

Cools Sunburns

Is an Antimicrobial

Reduces Wrinkles

Excellent for Healing Rosacea Outbreaks


WOW right?  Given all this, when we formulated Sevani Botanica, we decided to use Organic Aloe Vera Juice in place of water.  Why waste your precious dough on products filled with water when you can use natural skin care remedies based in organic aloe vera and reap ALL these rewards instead!

Enjoy all the holistic benefits of aloe vera today in Sevani Botanica and see the difference purely powerful natural skin care can make!

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