Nov 8th, 2013

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DIY Natural Beauty Tip for Reducing Acne and Improving Overall Skin Health

Caring for our skin naturlight brown pillows with natural beauty tips typeally doesn’t just mean using natural beauty products.  Natural skin care also means a holistic approach to overall skin health; and that’s what this natural beauty tip is all about!

The lifestyle choices you make directly affect your health and wellness – including that of your skin.  And, often, seemingly small changes can lead to big results.

One of the easiest, quickest DIY natural beauty tips we can give you that will help you reduce acne and promote overall skin health is to change your pillowcase every few days.

Yep, that’s it!

By making this simple lifestyle change you give your skin the opportunity to sleep on a clean surface almost every evening.

Or, think about it this way.  If you DON’T change your pillowcase often, you’re laying your face on a lot of dirt and grime, the entire time you’re sleeping each night.

So, that’s all the stuff your hair accumulated over the day(s) – not to mention residues from any hair products you used.

Plus, the dead skin cells your face, arms, and any other parts of your body that gets up on your pillow shed over the night(s) the same case is used.

I’m sure you’ve dropped your pillow on the ground; your rubbing any dirt the pillowcase picks up during those times on your face all night too.

Do you have children?  Do they visit you in bed?  Maybe share your pillow for some sweet cuddle time?  Add that to your face!

How about pets?  Do they sleep on your bed?  No?  Are you positive about that??

I’m sure you get the point by now.  The more days you leave between pillowcase changes, the more these and other contaminants accumulate on the fabric, and the longer you spend resting your delicate face on a dirty piece of cloth while you sleep.

Remember, we generally sleep around 8 hours each evening; which means your face spends a full 24 hour day on a dirty pillowcase by day 3 of sleeping on the same one!  This is a LOT of time for dirt and toxins to seep into your pores to cause Acne, Eczema rashes, Rosacea flare ups, and more.

Now, you might wonder why we recommend only changing your pillowcase every other day or so and not your entire sheet set.  While changing all your bedding every few days is ideal for your skin, we only recommend changing your pillowcase this often because it’s much less of a strain on the environment than the energy and water required to wash all your sheets and blankets this frequently.

Along these same lines, we also recommend choosing organic cotton sheets and/or pillowcases as well as pillows, and even mattresses whenever possible.  Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and as a result of all this pesticide use, cotton can carry a variety of toxins along with it even after processing.  As with the other contaminants mentioned above, these toxins seep into your skin as you sleep each night.

Another consideration is your laundry soap.  If you’re using a brand filled with chemical fragrances and other toxic ingredients, consider making the switch to a soap with a more natural formula.  Many with sensitive skin have used this natural beauty tip and have even seen a reduction/resolution in their conditions! Choosing non toxic laundry soap means less chemicals the planet has to contend with also making it a great choice all around.

So enjoy a holistic approach to your health and wellness and you’ll be able to use DIY  natural beauty tips like this one to enhance the health of your skin, reduce conditions like acne, eczema, Rosacea and others, and simply look and feel your best naturally!