Jan 6th, 2014

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Sevani Gives Back to Big Cats and Other Animal Rescue Organizations

big cats animal welfare donationsAfter a nice Holiday break to rejuvenate and unwind, we’re finally back to the blog!

For our first post of 2014 we thought we’d update everyone on our campaign to give back to animal welfare organizations with the proceeds from sales of Sevani natural beauty products.  It’s always exciting for us to look back on our donations each year and see how we worked together with all of you to make a difference in the lives of animals, locally, nationally, and globally.

Sevani – Natural Beauty Designed for Supporting Animal Rescue Organizations

One of the reasons I began making Sevani natural beauty products was in order to support the many animals in need around the world.  As a child I, along with my family, adopted many animals from the local rescues, took in strays, and always visited the animal shelters to give our time, much needed supplies, and monetary donations as well.

As I got older I continued to give back to animal welfare organizations as much as I could.  From the shelters in my neighborhood to sanctuaries and rescues around the country and the world, I gave whatever I could.

Once I found my passion for skin care and natural beauty remedies, I knew eventually I’d start a line of honestly  natural beauty products and make it my priority to donate a portion of my proceeds to animal rescue organizations; and this was finally realized with the launch of Sevani.

For 2013 one of our greatest honors was being able to make a sizable donation to one of my favorite animal rescue organizations, Big Cats!

This unique non profit helps, well, big cats, like tigers, lions, etc who have been rescued from often horrible circumstances where they were forced to perform, confined, etc.  The folks at Big Cats give these beautiful animals freedom to roam and to be as wild as possible.  You can help these big kitties too by making a personal contribution via their website.

This year we also volunteered at local rescues, we donated food, blankets, towels, treats, and more to animals in need, and we made monetary donations to other wonderful animal rescue organizations including The Wolf Sanctuary, Maine Line Animal Rescue and many others.

As we move forward into 2014 and beyond, we hope you’ll join us in helping even more animals in need by visiting your local animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations to adopt homeless pets, make donations of your time, supplies, and money, and, of course, by purchasing Sevani natural beauty products!  We can give even more in 2014 when we work together to love and support all beings on this special planet we call home.